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About Cancer and Plato’s Science of Human Survival

Experts are telling us that we have to prevent polluting the oceans with garbage or facial area catastrophic outcomes. In excess of two thousand many years in the past Plato, working with geometrical logic, was effectively in advance of that issue. He replaced fanatical intense religious emotion with an evolving moral emotive arithmetic belonging to his axiom that “All is Geometry”. His instructional system was specially created to gain religious scientific obtain to infinity instead that receiving any illusory deity’s permission to do so.

Plato’s atomic ‘Science for Ethical Ends’ was outlined in his ‘The Republic’ to tutorial an ennobling system of authorities for the wellbeing of the universe. That strategy was considerably higher than halting the air pollution of the oceans. Its particular goal was, that by starting to be an integral emotional portion of common wellbeing, civilization would not come to be extinct. Plato was advocating a professional medical alternative to the difficulty of tribal compulsion to evolve by developing weaponry. His life’s function is now regarded to be the important foundation for the ethical workings of an infinite dwelling holographic universe.

Plato’s mathematical logic about infinity did not need authorization to fully grasp its nature by staying subservient to warring gods. He constructed a spiritually ethical scientific map in purchase to attain understanding about the character of infinity, to exchange the compulsion driving tribes to eliminate each and every other. Nonetheless, Plato’s human survival science’s mathematical logic could not probably become useful until the organic necessity for tribal science to wage wars of survival became an observable kind of a psychological cancerous ailment.

When DNA exposed that people belong to a single species harming by itself, tribal science was diagnosed as a sort of cancer in 1972. The founding father of the American National Cancer Study Foundation the Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, referred to this most cancers as being inherited from our Neolithic ancestors.

Quite a few cancer researchers now argue that cancer, getting unique to organic programs, is an important portion of the evolution of tribal science but not essentially part of the evolution of species. Tribal science is connected with the sexual compulsion to demolish lifestyle in obedience to the ‘kill or be killed’ survival of the fittest paradigm noticed in character. Male dominance to impregnate ladies needing offspring ideal suited to guard the tribe from other predators led to the evolution of human intellect through the improvement of weaponry.

The transformation of tribal science to a single that will work for all users of the human species is now a professional medical challenge necessitating antidote information. Such data is quickly accessible but has been improperly categorised by tribal professional medical science as belonging to obsolete junk DNA. This very important non-junk info can be located in human survival conversation and information and facts products just lately discovered through the full duration of DNA alone.

Plato’s investigation was destined to develop into the basis of an atomic science belonging to the workings of a holographic universe. It warned of a considerably bigger threat to civilization than throwing bodily rubbish into the sea. Plato referred to a damaging ‘evil’ belonging to the properties of unformed make any difference inside of the actual physical atom. His investigate led to a human survival map to comply with so that civilization could keep away from extinction from producing a science major to the emergence of this nuclear destruction from in the atom.

Plato applied the outcomes of the magnetic qualities of lodestone upon human emotional considered, to build his spiritual human electromagnetic survival compass. He argued that illusory inventive, aesthetical, pleasurable enjoyment unfold the seeds of tribal conflict and necessary a non secular ethical wisdom as an antidote to these demonizing of primitive, tribal, artistic emotion. He very clearly pointed out the electromagnetic way related with long term human survival. It started off with the chaos of unformed issue within the darkish abyss going ahead to produce light and make a difference.

The European Area Agency’s Planck Observatory, which mapped the existence of the oldest mild in the universe, discovered that it was asymmetrical in mother nature. Consequently, Plato’s electromagnetic human survival way was one particular that started out from nuclear chaos and moved toward the generation of asymmetrical light. In 1957 the New York Library of Science published the reserve “Babylonian Mythology and Fashionable Science”, stating that Einstein derived his idea of relativity from the mythological, mathematical intuitions belonging to Babylonian culture.

Einstein’s quantum mechanistic tribal worldview essential actual physical reality to belong to a condition of symmetrical harmony. His observer participant theories affiliated with the character of symmetrical mild as a substitute of asymmetrical mild just headed backwards from human survival to the chaos of unformed issue.

Einstein, remaining locked into Babylonian tribal science experienced every ideal to understand certain features of Babylonian arithmetic as belonging to fantastic genius. Nonetheless, Babylonian knowledge of the nature of infinity was ruled by warring gods and goddesses that forbade any mathematical obtain to infinity. This dread of infinity is built apparent written on baked clay Babylonian tablets recording the mythological conflict that adopted when one of the gods bestowed immortality to a keeper on the Ark through the Fantastic Flood. An additional pill exists displaying mathematical deceit was purposely embedded into the Babylonian legal system to enslave the populace to a warlike sexual violence. That legality grew to become embedded into the operating of world wide tribal science.

The Sumerian society measured time as a 7 working day week with times of 20 four hrs and every hour of sixty moment length, together with way being measured from a circle that contains a few hundred sixty levels. These mathematical principles were destined to one working day develop into an integral aspect of deep room exploration.

The Babylonian culture formulated the a lot more historical astrological Sumerian mathematics in get to forecast eclipses. A clay pill penned by a Babylonian priest to the King exists. It advises him of the forthcoming 673BC Lunar eclipse, which the gods demanded was to be made use of to terrorize the populace. The men and women have been thereby to be animated into a sexual frenzy to wage war by means of the worship of their goddess of prostitution and war, Ishtar. This was required by ‘the gods’ in order to extend the boundaries of the Kingdom.

Einstein’s tribal science logic led toward the chaos connected with unformed issue in just the darkish abyss. His quantum mechanics and just about every other aspect of his tribal sciences have been ruled by the Second Legislation of Thermodynamics, which states that inevitably all vitality gets to be unavailable to support lifestyle as chaos steadily improves, creating all everyday living in the universe to turn into extinct. Einstein could by no means have recognized that throughout the 21st Century quantum biology cancer scientists would find that wholesome dwelling facts flowed in the opposite path to the energies of chaos.

As the most cancers researcher Szent-Gyorgyi has insisted, healthful residing facts entangled itself with the energies of chaos in order to evolve universal consciousness. He wrote that the cause of most cancers was an incorrect being familiar with connected with the Next Law of Thermodynamics.

The mathematician Georg Cantor has been acclaimed to be the greatest mathematician in historical past as well as the most despised one. He agreed with Szent-Gyorgyi’s observation that fashionable science’s knowledge of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics carried a mental carcinogenic disorder. He categorised this disorder as “a myopic dread of infinity inhabiting the modern-day scientific brain”. His ‘pagan’ heresy attacked the salaried safety of every single scientist utilized by Christian College scientific research departments during the Western educational program. Cantor was driven to his deathbed because these influential Christian scientists designed incorrect mathematical theorems ridiculing his now approved mathematical description of infinite truth.

Isaac Newton thought that Plato’s evolving, infinite universe was scientifically authentic. In his released 28th Query Discussions he wrote that the first lead to of gravitational pressure was definitely not designed by the mass of objects in area but by a religious pressure in accordance with historic Greek science. While accused of being insane for this felony heresy his before writings that the church had been theologically incorrect suggests that he was properly aware of what he had penned. His nervous breakdown could perfectly have been introduced about by the threat of remaining burnt alive for publishing that heresy.

We do know for certain that the Christian Church incorrectly promoted the bogus claim that Leonardo da Vinci was a genius master of the Fantastic Italian Renaissance. The educating of Plato’s human survival atomic instructional method, banished by the Emperor Justinian in the 6th Century, experienced moved to Toledo in Spain to later turn into the basis of Islam’s Scientific Golden Age. Sultan Memhed II later on delivered the Medici Students in Italy with the relevant scholarly manuscripts belonging to Plato’s Academy, to be reinstated in Florence all through the 15th Century.

Plato’s instruction process of an ennobling political science to nullify the threat of unformed subject bringing about nuclear destruction was specific. It consisted of arithmetic, plane geometry, sound geometry, astronomy, and harmonics. The moment these were mastered then the scholar could continue to philosophical research. Plato argued that airplane geometry should not be analyzed for its practical works by using but for teaching the head in spiritual arithmetic. He enable arithmetic develop into the to start with of the topics of education, just after which research into its appropriate science was to turn into the student’s problem associated with a upcoming moral, atomic science.

Leonardo da Vinci, as the Main Military services Engineer of the Pope’s Army was employed by a Christian tribal cult engaged on waging wars of conquest on behalf of its spiritual faith. He wrote a statement that completely divorced his tribal scientific genius from Plato’s human survival idea of ethical science. From his posted Notebooks, Leonardo experienced composed “The first object of the painter is to make a flat aircraft seem as a body in aid and projecting from that aircraft… “, he incorrectly claimed that the flat plane of a painting surface could under no circumstances incorporate a genuine 3D picture.

Through the 20th Century the artist Salvador Dali, acquainted with Plato’s scientific worldview was persuaded that paintings could have critical invisible, stereoscopic 3D visuals. His famed 3D artwork exhibition, now on clearly show at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain proved indisputably that Leonardo was not appropriate in arguing if not. Whilst it suited the goal of the Church to assert that he was a master of the Renaissance, this was unquestionably not the scenario.

Australian Science-Artwork scientists in partnership with the Australian Sustainability Exploration Institute, Italian quantum biological most cancers scientists and Quantum Art Global presented this critical human survival data to the public, together with paintings presenting considerably clearer 3D photos than Dali had pioneered. By viewing the paintings by way of 3D, asymmetrical, electromagnetic, stereoscopic glasses considerably clearer interlocking planes grew to become seen without the technical devices utilized to pioneer Dali’s evolving medical phenomenon. Leonardo da Vinci had no comprehending in any respect that the flat aircraft of a painting’s surface area could incorporate the religious human survival information that Plato experienced predicted.

All through 2016 this sort of human survival principle, alongside with the visual proof, was offered to the International Modern Artwork Level of competition held below the auspices of the Planet Fund for Arts in Moscow all through the Russian Art 7 days. Right after staying awarded a To start with Prize that organization instigated a applicable Science-Artwork Study Project in 2017, in association with the Quantum Artwork Team Intercontinental Movement and primary Italian quantum biology most cancers scientists. 

A lot of prominent scientists during the 20th Century claimed that Plato’s investigation laid the foundations for modifying the prevailing mechanistic worldview in purchase to comprehend the doing work of a holographic universe. The Journal of Neurophysiology, proven in 1938, publishes content articles on the functionality of the anxious program. During the 21st Century it posted about experimental, holographic evidence that is suitable to Szent-Gyorgyi’s most cancers investigation. That proof was about residing 3D optical details interacting with Einstein’s extinction procedures to evolve common consciousness. This line of investigation opened new avenues for mapping holographic action, within the mind, associated with the relevance of evolutionary concept for knowing cancer.

1 paper in individual, entitled ‘Human Cortical Activity Correlates with Stereoscopic Depth Perception’ is crucial. The paper delivers indisputable proof that neuron exercise inside of the outer layer of the evolving brain’s cerebrum responded to stereoscopic magnetic stimulation by exhibiting two symmetrical geometrical planes of 3D information, interlocking to deliver about a state of asymmetrical data, demonstrating the existence of psychophysical reasoning further than the parameters of prevailing tribal scientific logic. Leonardo’s conviction that aircraft geometry could not comprise legitimate 3D imagery has been demonstrated to be phony by electromagnetic professional medical cancer investigation as perfectly as by paintings proving he was not section of Plato’s futuristic educational system.

Immanuel Kant, the founding father the electromagnetic ‘Golden Age of Danish Science’, agreed that Plato’s problem that demonized aesthetical, artistic enjoyment necessary to be well balanced by a spiritual, creative knowledge. He wrote that this knowledge was in fact an asymmetrical electromagnetic, spiritual area evolving within just the innovative, artistic mind.

This transition of dysfunctional tribal information and facts to fragments of 3D human survival science comprehension, have to definitely be producing a serious world professional medical trouble. Epidemiologists appointed by governments to be accountable for these kinds of epidemics have labeled the 3D dysfunctional info as a global epidemic transmitted by the mass generation of dysfunctional conversation and details gadgets. Staying subservient to tribal science dictates that they have no antidote for the social hurt it is resulting in. Even so, the nature of the antidote has been uncovered by producing Szent-Gyorgyi’s most cancers analysis, in which the energies of destructive chaos entangle with healthy data to evolve universal consciousness.

A superior resolution picture exists of the geometrical condition that the human cell adopts prior to forming its divisional approach to generate reproduction cells. It is of course an infinite fractal expression undergoing an electromagnetic perform connected with the dividing method. Epidemiologists looking for an antidote to the world wide 3D disinformation epidemic realized that Cantor’s infinite arithmetic should in some way be concerned. They referred to the dividing approach as one particular obeying some type of Cantorian ‘sensibility’. David Hilbert is acknowledged as a person of the most influential mathematicians of the 19th and 20th Hundreds of years. He was one particular of the number of scientists who agreed that Cantor’s mathematics was a bridge to the understanding of the mother nature of infinity.

Hilbert and Einstein worked with each other on the distinctions concerning symmetrical bodily truth and electromagnetic organic reality. The key distinction was that mechanistic, symmetrical, electromagnetic fields rotate in the opposite way to living asymmetrical fields. Kant had recognized the latter as belonging to Plato’s look for for an ethical, non secular, electromagnetic field evolving within the imaginative, inventive mind.

Einstein, alongside with the epidemiologists were locked into a physical, symmetrical planet-see. As a consequence Einstein dropped curiosity in Hilbert’s study. Einstein’s perspective of the actual physical structure of quantum mechanics embraced a symmetrical principle of actuality. He was not able to affiliate this fact remaining entangled with Kant and Hilbert’s non secular, asymmetrical, electromagnetic industry belonging to the evolution of nutritious artistic knowledge, associated with infinite consciousness.

From the high resolution photograph of wholesome mobile division it grew to become clear that when poised to divide, the cell generated an electromagnetic subject that simply just prevented the dysfunctional information and facts from becoming transmitted to its duplicate mobile. The transfer of the carcinogenic information and facts at a afterwards stage of mobile advancement is a health-related dilemma demanding antidote information encoded into what, as previously talked about, has been incorrectly categorized as junk DNA.

The two tribal science and human survival antidote science are aspect of human evolution, so they can be entangled with each other in just a computer system system in get to crank out a well balanced clinical human survival analysis. All that is necessary is for the program to be managed by related indisputable human survival scientific instructions to acquire the human survival blueprint.

A applicable laptop clinical diagnosis can be programmed to emulate the results of dopamine, a compound in the human body managing human emotions leading to compulsive conduct. At junctions in just the nervous system dopamine can construct up to make overpowering electromagnetic cravings, regularly governing various elements of a dysfunctional personality. A very simple minimal run medical unit exists, which can emit a sign that allows the brain to free of charge itself from the overpowering emotional ‘lust’ compulsion, bringing about the ability to rationalize about self harming fairly that a compulsion to inflict damage upon some others.

A estimate from George Bernard Shaw “Two % of the individuals think a few % of the men and women imagine they believe and ninety-5 per cent of the folks would relatively die than think.” can be regarded as to be pertinent pertaining to the simple fact that so named geniuses, who think they can assume, are really currently being ruled by the emotive tribal genius of really few men and women.

The shrewd, intuitive, emotional ingenuity of planet leaders is incredibly beneficial. If a pc clinical analysis giving the balancing antidote to unscrupulous Plutocratic tribal wishes is attained, then it would also include information offering them obtain to ethical wealth and electric power much further than their tribal mindset’s ability to envision. It is up to the 3 percent of the persons who imagine they feel, to supply rock reliable evidence supporting human survival inside of the doing work of a holographic universe in order to deliver Plato’s Science for Ethical Ends into existence. The moment that is carried out then entire world leaders can start off to entertain dialogue regarding an moral antidote ethos, now that science has occur to comprehend the workings of the holographic universe that we inhabit. They can modify Rene Descates’ tribal axiom “I believe, thus I am” to read “We experience and assume, thus we are”.

Bertrand Russell, known for his psychological allegiance to Babylonian mathematical culture, in 1903 wrote his most popular essay entitled ‘A No cost Man’s Worship’ advocating that civilization have to worship the 2nd Legislation of Thermodynamics that Einstein insisted have to govern all of the sciences.

The Russell-Einstein Manifesto proclaimed on the 9th of July, 1955, was about the dangers of nuclear weapons advancement and referred to as for planet leaders to request peaceful resolutions to international conflict. This popular manifesto was not truly worth the paper it was penned on, as the prevailing North Korean nuclear crisis demonstrates. Plato’s science supposed to protect against nuclear destruction induced by the emergence of unformed make a difference from inside of the atom, now warrants a vital investigation regarding the upgrading of tribal science into a science able of creating the human survival blueprint.

The Australian 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Team, doing the job with the United Nations Safety Council pertaining to the require to nullify the threat of Nuclear weapon proliferation, definitely warrants enter from scientists who realize the fundamental operating of the holographic universe. By collaborating with environment leaders about utilizing Plato’s Science for Ethical Ends as a health care antidote to steer clear of nuclear destruction, experts can be witnessed as honourung the finest responsibility involved with their scientific professions.

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