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Biology-Insects-Termites-Macrotermes bellicosus

Termites are occasionally named “termites,” but they are not ants and have absolutely nothing to do with them. They are most ample in tropical and subtropical international locations, and in some conditions, their “nests” sort significant, prominent mounds. All termites type extensive colonies with a one egg-laying queen and hundreds of workers. Employees are nymphs whose advancement into reproductive grown ups is inhibited. Most of them carry out duties in the nest, feeding the queen and younger, making the nest and gathering food, but some staff build into “troopers” with substantial heads and long jaws. Their position is to guard the nest from invaders.

At particular occasions of the 12 months, some personnel entire their progress and turn out to be winged grownups, both of those male and feminine. They go away the nest in groups and eventually land on the floor, drop their wings and mate. The females then lay eggs in the soil and start out new colonies. Macrotermes bellicosus is an African termite that builds spectacular mounds. Staff establish mounds by mixing sand and clay with saliva. Just above ground level, there is a central “lair” with a community of tunnels, many of which are related to underground passages leading to superior food resources. In the hive, the queen bee does almost nothing but lay eggs. Her stomach was so swollen that she couldn’t go, and workers fed her and carried the eggs absent as quickly as possible.

Termites feed only on plant substance, largely cellulose in woody tissue. Some termites can digest cellulose, from time to time with the enable of a colony of single-celled organisms in their guts, but Macrotermes deliver plant material back again to the nest and chew it into pulp. In this mattress of chewed pulp and termite droppings, fungi expand. Macrotermes feed on fungi or wooden pulp that has been partly digested by fungi.

If termites burrow into picket constructions to acquire cellulose, they can result in hurt.

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