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College Fairs – Are They Helpful for College Admissions?

College fairs are important for college admissions, although they are noisy, crowded, and sometimes overwhelming. The first thing you’ll notice is a bunch of booths, usually in alphabetical order, with university representatives waiting behind them. These representatives are eager to meet with you and share what they know about a particular school.

College fairs are a great place to explore your educational options. Many national college fairs include all colleges and universities that want to participate. Other events such as the Metro Denver College Fair are by invitation only and may include a limited number of schools. Nonetheless, you will meet many people representing each school who can be important contacts for college admissions.

High school juniors and seniors should always participate in college fairs. You may already have a list of possible schools that might be suitable for you. These are the universities you should try to visit first. Afterwards, spend some time visiting some other possible schools. This will help you learn more about schools you’re already considering, eliminate colleges you’re not interested in, or learn more about schools you’ve never heard of.

Introduce yourself to the university representative and ask for a business card. You will be asked to fill out a form containing your personal information so the college or university can put you on their mailing list. You can also request specific information on scholarships, sports or other areas you would like to learn more about. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about possible majors, campus life, or anything else that may interest you.

When you speak with a college representative, always ask for the direct phone numbers of admissions counselors and financial aid offices. If you have additional questions, this will help you get in touch without having to deal with a complicated phone system.

College fairs are a great opportunity to show your interest in the school. This is a factor that is taken into account in college admissions. They’re also a great place to get advice, get noticed, and get the information you need to make good college decisions.

Families need to learn as much as possible about the colleges that are right for their students. You can’t get information through college visits or college websites, but college fairs are also a good source. Students should have a small notebook to comment on the school or their conversations with university representatives. You never know these might be helpful for a college essay or college application.

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