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India Wildlife Tours: Travel Across Best National Park in the Country

The land is known for its cultural, food, religious and even topographical diversity. The diversity of terrain is truly remarkable from north to south, and it is dotted with some of the tallest mountains to the north, dense forests in the middle, and shiny beaches and backwaters to the south. Likewise, the western states have deserts, while their eastern side has the highest rainfall. This diversity is rare in other parts of the world, and they provide an ideal habitat for a variety of wildlife. As such, the country has over 551 animal sanctuaries which are excellent routes for Indian wildlife tours. A favorite among explorers, these Indian wildlife tours are the perfect place to go from crazy city worlds to enchanting jungle life.

Some of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the country must be considered when planning to pick out an Indian wildlife tour package for your holiday in India, such as:

Kaziranga National Park: Densely forested and rich in wildlife Kaziranga National Park is located in Assam. Its biodiversity and stunning geographical features have impressed wildlife lovers since ancient times, earning it a top spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park is home to two-thirds of the world’s large one-horned rhinos and has the highest density of tigers in a protected area in the world. Its vast land is a treasure trove of geographical assets such as elephant grass, marshland and dense tropical moist broad-leaved forest and four meandering creeks including the Greater Brahmaputra, making it the subject of numerous books, documentaries and songs. Source of inspiration.

Kanha National Park: The jungle that inspired the creative genes for Rudyard Kipling’s famous novel The Jungle Book, Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is the royal habitat for a large number of royal Bengal tigers. Its lush sal and bamboo forests, cascading gorges and meadows are full of breeding populations of leopards, sloth bears, dingoes and Barasingha. The colourful landscapes are worth exploring for every wildlife lover on their Indian safari tour.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary: With rhythmic chirps and a sky filled with colorful formations made up of birds, keep your binoculars ready to catch a glimpse of these delicate sky rovers. Located on the banks of Lake Vembanad, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary is an ornithologist’s paradise. The places where migratory birds often perch are also good places to see local birds. One can see native birds such as cuckoos, owls, waterfowl, herons, cormorants, egrets, Brahman kites, black sandpipers, ducks and Siberian cranes, parrots, flycatchers and some migratory birds that come here from the Himalayas .

Each of these parks has its own characteristics and features, and is a huge draw for those taking an Indian safari tour. Visitors are guided through the park by professional naturalists, and a variety of safety equipment and procedures are maintained to ensure their safe rendezvous with the wild.

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