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Innovative Mindset in Society Is America Losing the Edge in Innovation?

Is America losing its innovation edge? How could this be? Where are we going wrong? what happened? Have we changed our educational system and society to lessen the incentives for innovators? It would be an irony because our entire national identity is partly built on a “can-do attitude”. Let’s discuss it briefly and let me know if you see it too.

Are we losing our ability to think creatively and solve problems creatively? I believe so. We also seem to have lost self-reliance, there is no need to solve problems – all problems have been solved. Without further ado, look up the answer on Google. Suddenly, there is no sense of responsibility or integrity – masquerading as copied ideas and plagiarism to innovate.

Look, I’m not a Luddite, and I don’t live in a cave, and I know there’s innovation out there – it’s just that I see a sea of ​​imitations, and there are very few pearls of innovation by comparison. Everyone is busy liking, befriending, and retweeting — scouring the web for the viral original concepts the day focuses on, rather than coming up with new ideas themselves. Maybe the instant gratification of a burst of dopamine when you’re solving a problem or when the innovation lightbulb in your brain is ringing is as good as an “aha moment”?

Members of our society seem very eager to be creative and innovative, as companies know there are clear advantages to having a strong R&D department and maintaining an innovative edge in their industry. Maybe that’s why everyone and their brothers claim to be expert advisors on innovation. It’s hilarious how many of these “innovation coaches” promise to teach us how to innovate, but I dare to ask; how many of them have unique ideas of their own. Is this another case? ‘People who can’t be taught’.

As an innovator, I find it surprising what is considered creative or innovative in this day and age. I think we all have freedom of speech in the US and people are free to call themselves innovators without any proof or examples of creative properties of innovation – but that’s not the case. There is no honor in continuing this facade, we are just hurting ourselves and we cannot solve the problem until we address the reality and the problem here. Did you see it too? What should we do? Consider all of this and think about it.

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