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Job Planning: Become a Graphic Artist

There are many people in the world who need a way to communicate that requires images, and graphic artists are creators who use art and computers to help their clients. Combining artistry with technology, these have a wide variety of audiences who need the images they create with this skill. For graphic designers, technology plays an important role in the innovation process.

Most designers use desktop publishing software for images and text. It usually spends a lot of time sitting in front of a computer monitor. However, many designers continue to combine hands-on drawing, board work, and computer-based design to produce high-quality layouts.

With so many people using the internet to find information, there is a high demand for people who can use the online system. An effective website is created when graphic artists work with content experts to create a complete look and experience. Graphic artists develop layouts and visual images for publications such as newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and other print materials.

When it comes to company marketing, some designers exclusively use printed materials. Such publications may be brochures, advertisements, promotional posters and marketing signs. Certain graphic artists use their drawing abilities to develop logos and other artwork for businesses. Animation options and designs can be used not only for web-based promotions, but also for video games, TV, commercials and even movies. With the development of interactive CD-ROM technology, there is an increasing demand for graphic designers skilled in creating images and manipulating text.

Because of their variety of uses and abilities, graphic designers tend to work in many different types of businesses and environments. Some organizations will hire graphic designers in their art departments to develop materials and designs that show people the goals of the organization. There are graphic designers who are employed by certain companies to work for clients who require different materials. However, most graphic artists are freelancers, working on their own, contracting clients for each individual project.

The demand for graphic design is expected to increase substantially over the next decade. With so many new developments in the visual arts, such as 3-D animation, graphic design artists with high technical skills are needed to keep up with the demand. This is why many graphic design jobs require design training or an art degree. Many community colleges and technical schools offer associate degrees or certificates in the field of graphic design. There are even schools that offer specialized high-tech training for artists who want to work in graphic design.

There are many agencies and companies keen to hire graphic designers who have accepted and earned a four-year fine arts degree. People who aspire to work in management positions may want to consider completing some education that would lead to a degree in arts management. Along the way to your degree, you’ll take courses that include desktop publishing and design, as well as courses that focus on art and design in the studio.

A great way to gain experience in the field of graphic design is through an internship. Many companies and companies will offer unpaid or paid internships to students. By completing the internship, the designer will be able to produce a portfolio of work examples to present to future employers. Students can also take advantage of work or study programs, loans, scholarships and grants. Students, usually high school seniors, must visit a financial aid office or guidance counselor to receive a free application for federal student aid.

Compared to different occupations, especially computer-related occupations, the occupational demand for graphic designers is expected to increase more than ever. For graphic designers, the uniform conditions will depend on the settings of the relevant workstations. If you’re working from home, you’ll dress casually, and if you’re working in a more formal setting, dress more professionally.

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