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Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and a Critical Mathematical Issue

Nanotechnology clearly demonstrates the abilities of Platonic fullerene chemistry and its connected ingenious physics. Though this new professional medical science defies 20th century knowledge of science, their job has been demonstrated to be similar to the qualities of carbon. This new see of medication has its roots in the moral sciences of historical Greece and was formulated by students in the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy. For hundreds of yrs, these philosophers attempted to incorporate mathematical ethics into the existence drive energies postulated by the scientist Anaxagoras, now deemed the founders of modern science.

Anaxagoras’ idea that the North drive acts on primordial particles in space to make the earth describes gravity as Sir Isaac Newton afterwards described in mathematical conditions. In his unpublished treatise on heresy identified in the final century, Newton depicted a universe based on the similar scientific principles that underpin Platonic ethical science. In his own letter, Newton also wrote that the attributes of light-weight, combined with gravity, could transmit evolutionary data to the mechanisms of human fat burning capacity.

The Newtonian heresy concept, associated with the Pythagorean strategy of celestial new music, is affiliated with the gentle of the all-seeing eye, and is now depicted as a image of independence on the Great Seal of The united states. The historical Greek moral science was about how the harmonious movement of the celestial bodies resonated with the motion of atoms in the human human body. Scientific discoveries in the 18th and 19th hundreds of years confirmed that the harmonic motion of light-weight is an electromagnetic phenomenon. In the 21st century, nanotechnology has demonstrated how this celestial motion can transmit intelligence to and from the mind on both equally macro and micro scales, dependable with the workings of emotional molecules found out by Dr. Candace Pert in 1972.

In the development of the science of ethical purpose, quite a few historic philosophers, which includes Plato, made use of arithmetic to describe evil as a damaging assets of unformed subject within just physical atoms that could seem to destroy civilization. At present, environment leaders are collaborating in an global conference on how to defend civilization from the damaging likely of nuclear technology. Having said that, there is a critical emotional math dilemma that stops discussion of any sensible methods. Contemporary technological, political, financial and regional stakeholders will not tolerate any academic method teaching new ethical medicine, which is noticed as a danger to the present world-wide fossil gas economic system. Unless of course the United Nations and UNESCO enact medical laws to simplicity the balance of present power devices with vital power, humanity will have to undergo the entropic chaos of unavoidable destruction.

It’s not challenging to clarify the mathematical seriousness of this problem. The unique format of Nous is seen as a mathematical representation of physical actuality, with a sure mathematical sort. This can be stated to be an inanimate sort. Soon after generations of acutely aware effort to integrate ethics into Nous, its mathematical sort can be proven to have turn out to be a residing notion of evolution in fractal logic. No issue how we establish mathematics, without the need of this non secular (holographic) ingredient of ethical recognition, we can only accelerate the standard chaos on Earth. For example, 3 economists who won the 1994 Nobel Prize for their mathematical economic principle all faced critical problems later on. Some experts now declare that the issue crumbled the economic foundations of the Soviet Union and now threatens the full structure of the international economic system.

Healthcare Red Cross medical professionals scrambling to treat the baby victims of an avid suicide bomber should not enable psychological anger or a unfortunate cry have an impact on their regular fingers. They can’t consider into account the psychological state of the perpetrator or the struggling of the kid’s mother and father. They have do the job to do, they are qualified. We can absolutely presume that medical professionals are carrying out their responsibilities of moral medicine. The United Nations and UNESCO are now desired to develop the latest knowing of this drugs. The nanotechnological vision of the new negentropic wonder medication can unquestionably be utilized to the improvement of new negentropic technologies, which could totally free humanity globally from the current entropic shackles of mathematical ignorance. These types of new expertise would allow the latest entropy species to make a dependable quantum leap by stepping into Buckminster Fuller’s utopia, as a result steering clear of the danger of oblivion.

A team of College of Bristol PhD learners from the Bristol Centre for Practical Nanomaterials (BCFN) are aiding to develop the ethics of nanotechnology and coined the expression NanoCharter. It is hoped that by way of these initiatives, the United Nations and UNESCO will have the chance to examine the deserves of the ethical arithmetic concerns elevated in this paper. A lot more than 4 many years of profitable investigation now discussion why the word Plato may possibly have been extra to the term fullerene chemistry, which belonged to the 3 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry in 1996. Their new medication is positive to operate into the major math complications mentioned here. Except younger learners examine this question, the outdated entropic worldview paradigm of the final century will proceed to dominate all science, forcing world culture to submit and finally to its terrible yoke.

© Professor Robert Pope

Oceania and Oceania Presidential Advisor

Theoretical Physics and Superior Mathematics (IFM) Einstein-Galilei

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