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Platonic Fullerene Chemistry and Humanoid Evolution

This posting is meant to guidance those who intuitively feel that there has been an evolutionary adjust in human consciousness that has happened to enhance the world-wide human condition. Without the need of this intuition, the upcoming of humanity will keep on being bleak. The new science of quantum biology can now be used to explain how to evaluate the evolutionary changeover essential to changeover to a additional noble foreseeable future. The great news is that new discoveries connection survival procedures to the brain’s intuitive function. The New Human Measurement Challenge at the College of Florence is at the forefront of the brain’s transition from the age of equipment to a extra fascinating upcoming for humans. The project understood that the perform of mirror neurons responsible for the evolution of compassion performs a primary position in the changeover to extra enlightened individuals.

When Marcillio Ficino made use of Platonic theology to develop the fantastic Italian Renaissance of the 15th century, as a rebirth of dropped Greek science, compassion associated to the atomic framework of Platonic appreciate for moral purposes unsuccessful to affect 20th century science. Alternatively, Leonardo helped usher in the age of industrial equipment, which lacked any demanding ethical scientific enter.

European Passionate Platonists tried in vain to quit what William Blake termed the dim satanic manufacturing facility from plundering the eco-friendly element of the earth. In the mid-19th century, the financial coverage of the British East India Enterprise, driven by an insatiable greed for ability, established apart empathy when it forced the Chinese government to accept Dashan opium in exchange for Spanish silver bullion to Britain.

Even though attempts have been built to solution this prison economic system way of thinking, no one can depend on the present international financial rationalism to aid completely transform humanity into an intuitive golden age. Humanity will encounter extinction until the molecular functionality of compassion, as uncovered by the connection of nanotechnology to quantum biology, gets to be component of world-wide tradition.As Buckminster Fuller reasoned, when he made use of Platonic arithmetic to explain his well balanced infinite co-universe, it was now a selection among utopia or oblivion

If we revisit Charles Darwin’s principle of evolution, this option will be component of Florence’s new anthropometric system. Darwin’s published concept of evolution was dependent on his observations after a voyage aboard the HMS Beagle under the auspices of the East India Business. in Darwin’On the Origin of Species, he Credit Thomas Malthus’s doctrine of financial plan to the East India Company (Darwin, 1859). The plan is dependent in individual on a misunderstanding of the second law of thermodynamics revealed by quantum biology, a line of believed that was afterwards inherited by Albert Einstein when he derived his idea of relativity.

Darwin wrote in his 2nd guide, The Origin of Male: Selections Related to Sexuality, that empathy is so ingrained in human consciousness that it will have to have performed an critical part in human evolution. Right here, he refers to the geometry and biological functionality of Platonic adore, created by Marcillio Ficino, who strives to regenerate the shed Platonic science of ethics. All in all, the Florence New Anthropometric Project can be witnessed as articulating Plato’s psycho-optical function, in which mirror neurons merge with psychological molecules to evolve empathy. This is performed by using infinite fractal logic that is wholly contrary to the operating of the 2nd legislation of thermodynamics that now governs global financial rationalism.

Existing intuitions about alterations in human consciousness can be viewed as precursors to a new science of human existence. A collaboration between the Australian Centre for Science and Arts and Renaissance 21st Century Florence to help establish the supercomputer courses desired to become the Fuller World wide Collaborative Earth Video game Winner, which includes its database, Platonic fullerene chemical facts, now many thanks to our being familiar with of thermodynamics The financial obsession with the unethical comprehending of the Second Legislation was outlawed.

© Professor Robert Pope,

Advisor to the President of Oceania and Oceania, Einstein-Galileo Institute for Theoretical Physics and State-of-the-art Arithmetic (IFM)

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