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Remedy for Cancer Arithmetic

The notion that cancer is tribe-precise instead than species-unique has to do with the evolution of science alone. Tribal science evolves human intelligence by producing weapons of war. This evolutionary approach gets a most cancers of the anxious system when DNA reveals that human beings are hurting them selves. From a clinical position of perspective, each tribal science and human survival science are component of human evolution. Consequently, both equally sciences can be programmed with suitable antidote data to generate human survival simulations. The ensuing irrefutable healthcare diagnosis will spark very important and practical conflicting conversations concerning rival tribes. As a result, relevant technologies will turn into evident, facilitating the transition to our functioning as a single species. 

This antidote information and facts is accessible to the Western academic procedure, nevertheless, it remains issue to the tribal scientific custom of making use of dysfunctional info. Epidemiologists refer to this phenomenon as a 3D epidemic unfold by the mass fabrication of dysfunctional conversation and info devices. Unimportant information is now overloading our educational process, resulting in sizeable global social chaos. This healthcare disorder is caused by tribal science’s outdated obsession with survival of the fittest.

Szent-Gyorgyi, founder of the Nationwide Most cancers Investigation Foundation, won the Nobel Prize in Drugs. In his 1972 Letter to Science, he argued that preferred science is carcinogenic for the reason that it allows itself to be ruled by the “Second Legislation of Thermodynamics.” He hypothesized that the energy of thermodynamic chaos was entangled with residing info to evolve cosmic consciousness, so the popular comprehension of thermodynamics was basically cancerous. He known as this tribal science cancer inherited from our Neolithic ancestors.

A visual mathematical evidence of the antidote to this sickness was deduced from the association of Western education with the Platonic educational process, which belonged to his “Science of Ethical Functions”.The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Plato’s Ethics: An Overview, initial published Tuesday, September 16, 2003 significantly revised Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Commentary on Plato’s description of the geometric properties of bravery, knowledge, and temperance, with commentary “If justice is the health and harmony of the intellect, then injustice should be sickness and dysfunction”. Plato’s notion of “everything is geometry” considers the dwelling anima to be an eternal phenomenon. This integral part of the daily life process is mathematically credible in George Cantor’s geometric sensitivity.

Mitosis in healthful cell division has been photographed as a 3D electromagnetic, infinite fractal illustration obeying Cantor’s geometry approaching infinity. This visual proof contradicts the prevailing thermodynamic comprehension that all existence ought to go extinct. As Szent-Gyorgi predicted in 1972, quantum biological cancer research in the 21st century has uncovered that healthier lifetime info flows in reverse directions to balance the stream of thermodynamic chaotic electrical power.

Despite the constraints of Plato’s tribal science, his genius geometric intuition for a further, more ethical, and more general goal was certainly remarkable. It supplies vital antidote data for addressing the current 3D world-wide professional medical epidemic. His magnet electromagnetic anima, considered to exist within the confines of his academic process of plane geometry, is now clearly obvious to the public.

Salvador Dali’s belief stemmed from the Platonic scientific art idea that the flat surfaces of paintings contained concealed 3D stereoscopic illustrations or photos, demonstrated to the public at the Dali Stereoscopic Museum in Spain previous century. Because then, the Australian Science and Arts scientists have greatly upgraded his fairly cumbersome presentation, in which interlocking 3D visuals in the portray can be viewed to provide essential information and facts on nerve antidote. In the 1980s, the linked ancient Greek mathematics was programmed into computer systems to receive shell lifestyle kinds that advanced more than a interval of 50 million yrs, rather than Einstein’s thermodynamic extinction.

In 1990, the IEEE in Washington, the world’s most significant analysis business, reprinted it as an crucial mathematical, optical discovery belonging to 20th century science:

Illert, C. 1987, New Physics of Ultrathin Elastic Cones, Il Nuovo Cimento, and Classical Shell Difficulty II Formation and Solutions of Tubular A few-Dimensional Shell Surfaces. Il Nuovo Cimento, 1989. Science Arts Center…From Entire world Literature, reprinted in Spie Milestone Collection, Vol. MS 15, Selected Papers on Organic Optical Activity, pp. 12-23 and 24-33, Segment 1. Chirality and Optical Action, 1990.

In 1995, the American Institute of Simple Investigation converted the mathematics of optics into a bodily structure. Tries to use quantum-mechanical arithmetic to produce simulations of balanced shell life-kinds resulted in biological distortions that validated Szent-Gyorgyi’s observation that tribal science is a most cancers.

For the duration of 2016, quantum biologists and the intercontinental quantum art movement, jointly with Australian science and artwork researchers, offered 3D antidote facts together with supporting info in Rome, Italy. The scientific artwork exhibition then entered the Russian Artwork Week Global Modern day Art Competitiveness and gained the 1st prize certification. In 2017, the Entire world Art Basis in Russia partnered with the Quantum Art Movement team to incorporate antidote info into their scientific art analysis project.

The question remains, the internationally well-liked tribal science believes it is ethical to url science with aesthetics, the vector of international epidemics. For instance, in 2017, two US universities produced a “time crystal” proving that our comprehension of thermodynamic reality is really an optical illusion. Even so, they expressed an intention to include this facts into synthetic intelligence approaches. In this situation, the world-wide 3D epidemic will speed up in the direction of the close point out of entropic thermodynamic chaos.

Thinker Emmanuel Kant analyzed Plato’s thought of the electromagnetic electrical power of magnets to demonize aesthetics, as he mentioned in a dialogue amongst Socrates and Ion. Kant used the variance involving aesthetic and moral inventive knowledge as the foundation for the Danish scientific electromagnetic golden age. He reasoned that the long term of ethical assumed belonged to the evolving asymmetric electromagnetic fields of innovative artistic assumed.

The European Space Agency’s Planck Observatory has photographed the oldest mild in the universe, revealing that it is inherently asymmetric, predating the creation of symmetrical electromagnetic gentle. As a result, Plato’s evolving ethical science moves from his dark abyss to generating asymmetric mild and then matter in its existing symmetrical point out of actuality.

In 1957, the NYU Science Library revealed Babylonian Fantasy and Modern day Science, describing that Einstein derived his concept of relativity from the intuitive arithmetic of Babylonian mythology. Einstein’s tribal worldview insisted that daily life procedures will have to progress toward thermodynamic extinction. Hence, he could not acknowledge David Hilbert’s argument that Cantor’s uneven mathematics confirmed Szent-Gyorgyi’s belief in most cancers research. Einstein’s physical truth is managed by retaining a symmetrical condition of remaining that obeys guidelines directed towards a chaotic symmetrical light, not in the opposite course of Plato’s evolving ethical science. The Planck Observatory’s results recommend that Einstein’s worldview is inherently carcinogenic.

Thinker of science Timothy Morton, a professor and chair of the English Office at Rice College in Texas, who argues that Plato’s demonization of aesthetics has ushered in a new electromagnetic age, writes in This period is outlined in his treatise “Art in an Age of Asymmetry”. Kant’s anticipations of moral, religious, uneven, electromagnetic engineering ended up also echoed by Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He, a main figure in electrification in the United States of The united states, explained it would be outstanding and morally effective to acquire a non secular, asymmetrical electromagnetic technological innovation than the know-how he aided invent.

Plato considered that the deserves of discovering airplane geometry cannot be analyzed for its realistic use, but for schooling the intellect in ethical comprehension. He manufactured arithmetic the to start with matter of instruction, and then the review of its connected sciences became the target of his students. Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his revealed notebook that the 5 conditions of Plato’s mathematical logic make visual point of view very clear. Leonardo’s subsequent assertion absolutely separated his tribal scientific genius from Plato’s conception of an infinite, residing holographic 3D universe.Leonardo wrote “The very first purpose of a painter is to make a plane show up as a relief object, projecting from that aircraft…”he claimed most emphatically that the airplane of a painted floor could never ever have a accurate 3D image.

Devoid of a doubt, the mechanical genius of Leonardo da Vinci. However, the visible proof that paintings can certainly include considerable unconscious 3D stereoscopic visuals indicates that he is absolutely not the great gentleman of the 15th century Italian Renaissance as claimed by tribal science. This uncomplicated point clarifies the scale of the latest 3D world dysfunctional information and facts epidemic. It also offers proof to clarify the very important relevance of 3D antidote technologies, which is element of the Platonic atomic “science of ethical reasons”, which is demanded to create simulations of blueprints for sustainable human existence.

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