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Renaissance Science and The Electromagnetic Technological know-how of Platonic Adore.

Three 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Everyday living Sciences for Fullerene Chemistry is centered on Buckminster Fuller’s collaborative engineering ideas, which challenge the foundations of 20th century science. In her on the web e book titled “Fuller Describes,” Harvard Novartis professor Amy Edmondson explains that Buckminster Fuller derived his math from the arithmetic of the Greek thinker Plato. Engineering ideas. Most individuals have listened to the term “Platonic enjoy”, and now that Platonic-fullerene chemistry has emerged, we may well be inquiring the question, what true engineering concepts could possibly be appropriate to Platonic enjoy?

To answer this dilemma, we can analyze how new chemistry worries the normal comprehending of modern day science. A paper published by NASA’s Higher Power Astrophysics Division Library argues that the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy is dependent on the logic of fractal geometry. All everyday living sciences within the scope of currently acknowledged scientific understanding can only be about species that are heading for extinction. This is simply because Einstein’s “Very first Regulation of All Science” demands that when all the warmth in the universe is radiated into cold house, all existence in the universe will be wholly wrecked. Plato’s ethical logic, on the other hand, is centered on fractal geometry, which we know extends the science of everyday living to infinity. On September 24, 2010, the College of Florence’s New Human Measurement Venture was awarded the Giorgio Napolitano Medal on behalf of the Italian Republic. The challenge updates quantum mechanics to quantum biology, in line with Plato’s logic.

The pragmatic engineering principles we look for belong to the distinction among aesthetics and ethics. Ethics can now be considered of as part of science itself, relatively than staying considered of as just about how we use science. We can make clear the change in uncomplicated phrases rather than the advanced electromagnetic biology conditions that belong to quantum biology. We know that the aged chemistry we have does obey Einstein’s universal law of decay. On the other hand, we know from the findings of Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished papers in the final century that Newton was confident that there was a deeper normal philosophy to harmony the energy decay of the mechanical universe. Newton’s ideas, accountable for this harmony, belong to Plato’s dropped “Science of Ethical Purposes”.

In the 18th century, the philosopher Emmanuel Kant defined aesthetics as the concept of inventive appreciation, but he also sought ethical tactics from the then-present-day idea of electromagnetism, an electrical motor that built what we know a children’s toy by comparison . The Kantian aesthetics of the 21st century has turn out to be the basis for the ethical logic that guides businesses of all varieties. Desire in ethical electromagnetic bioscience is re-emerging many thanks to new Platonic-fullerene chemistry.

Any aesthetic perception, this kind of as a painting of a stunning mountain and a majestic waterfall, is about observing attractiveness in decay, the waterfall eroding the construction of the mountain. Therefore, natural beauty belongs to the material entire world that destroys reality, but it conjures up a imaginative instinct of peace and harmony in the brain. Nobel Laureate in Medication Svent-Gyoergyi insists that this decay of make a difference is in stability with the evolution of consciousness, so much so that he dubs scientists who never know it mad apes and wrote a e-book named immediately after that . We can now start out to imagine that the psychological harmonics associated with materialist aesthetics and the evolution of the intellect may possibly have some excellent common ethical intent, and begin hunting for new technologies that Immanuel Kant intuitively glimpsed. This is about the spirit of optics or holographic engineering principles that Plato wrote about.

The harmonic stability of make any difference decay and Sir Isaac Newton’s additional natural philosophy of profound equilibrium, explain a sure entanglement between decaying power and an evolving artistic consciousness. This is termed quantum entanglement, a method that exists between quantum mechanics and quantum biology. Biologist Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., author of The Universe with Reason, has quantified the functionality of human cells. This lets us to identify the rather outstanding character of the moral electromagnetism that Immanuel Kant seeks.

Dr. Callerman factors out that the male sperm propels itself towards the egg by means of a small electromagnetic motor, which drives its tail. After coming into the egg, the male motor results in being a well balanced yin and yang daily life motor. This spark of life programmed evolutionary common facts into the initially bone produced within just the embryo, the sphenoid bone. The sphenoid bone vibrates with the shell design and style of the interior ear, delivering the electromagnetic new music of existence, what Plato named the audio of the Pythagorean sphere. In his reserve Interference, Dr. Richard Merrick of the College of Texas describes the electromagnetic purpose of celestial audio in the evolving functionality of consciousness.

The Australian Centre for Science and Arts has found out the mathematical framework of spherical new music that controls the evolution of seashells as a result of house and time around thousands and thousands of years. This discovery was reprinted in Washington in 1990 by the IEEE SPIE Milestone Sequence, the world’s major institute of engineering. 1995, The operate received the Institute for Fundamental Investigation Biology Award for the discovery of new actual physical guidelines that govern the optimum expansion and development of organisms as a result of house and time. Considering that then, it has been found that the human sphenoid bone sings the very same music of existence, this means that it is now doable to explore a practical strategy from the rules of optical psychoengineering when regarded as Plato.

The Centre for Science and Arts has attained experimental proof for the existence of Platonic spirit optics as a result of the use of distinctive 3-D eyeglasses, finding that about the generations, some artists have unconsciously depicted holographic photographs into their paintings. This new know-how is about humanity’s expanding knowing of the character of Einstein’s protégé, David Bohm’s infinite holographic universe. Now that the difference between aesthetics and ethics is understood, humanity is on the threshold of what Buckminster Fuller known as Uopia or Oblivion.

In the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, Aristotle’s moral science was created to be the foundation for a noble healthcare politics of cosmic wellness so that the universe would not allow for civilization to die out. Plato-fullerene chemistry is aspect of political drugs, and no aesthetic obsession can dominate politics or faith. For case in point, it is immoral for blonds to turn out to be the aesthetic appreciation of a master race, and it is also immoral to use the aesthetics of angelic physics to legitimize the torture and residing of a great number of women of all ages and small children as witches.

Dr. Luc Montagnier, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, is an emerging team of lecturers who declare to have proof that DNA can transmit its very own imprint electromagnetically. For teleportation to be ethical, it is important to improve the frequent assumption that character will obtain some way to weed out overpopulation. Clear world medical scientific investigate that is readily available to men and women must be recognized to make it possible for moral debate on these difficulties. This method, disregarding present comprehending of the decay of unbalanced entropy, will exhibit the existence of new systems to enhance the human affliction properly past the potential or even creativity of entropic pondering.

Professor Robert Pope (C)

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