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Renaissance Science, Plato’s Optics and Fuller’s Fractal Utopia

The Parthenon in historical Athens is deemed a cultural image of Western civilization. Extra not too long ago, it has brought about a new renaissance by revealing the concepts of optics that are switching our essential knowing of present day science.

In 1687, a Turkish military commander utilized the Parthenon to store gunpowder through a military services engagement with the cannon bombing of Venice. A Venetian shot detonated the gunpowder, leaving the Parthenon in ruins. The latest restoration of the Parthenon takes advantage of computer technological innovation to evaluate exactly where several elements of the initial framework healthy into place. An significant discovery was built from this process. The Parthenon was meticulously produced to comply with missing rules of optical engineering.

Though numerous records of ancient Greek science have been wrecked as pagan heresies, we do know that optical engineering ideas for non secular reality once existed. Plato information that engineers who do not understand these optical rules are savages unfit to phone themselves philosophers.

Professor Amy Edmondson, chair of Harvard’s Novartis, writes about Plato’s optical discoveries in her online e-book, A Fuller Explanation. She admonished Buckminster Fuller for his enthusiasm for the newly discovered real truth, but forgave him for seeming to attribute Plato’s engineering principles relevant to psycho-optics to him. We can believe that these ideas are relevant to the optical strategies hidden in the Parthenon. The time period “psychological actuality” can now be equated with holographic reality, which is known to be involved with the working of liquid crystal fractal logic. This logic is linked to Buckminster Fuller’s principle of synergism, a spiritual important electrical power that defies the logic that underpins modern-day mechanical science.

In the 5th century Ad, this vitality speculation challenged the power of the Christian hierarchy. Pope Cyril of Alexandria seemed to anger Christian followers who rioted and burned scrolls belonging to the Agora or the Wonderful Library of Alexandria. The librarian, the famed mathematician Hypatia, was killed by a rioting mob. The 2009 Hollywood film Agora chronicled the functions primary up to her loss of life in 415. History records that St. Augustine at the time wrote that the arithmetic of Hypatia belonged to the function of the satan.

Recently, NASA’s Significant Energy Astrophysics Library released a paper explaining that the classical Greek worldview was created on the geometry of fractal logic. Present day science quickly accepts that fractal logic can be prolonged to infinity and nevertheless be ruled by the next law of thermodynamics. Einstein classified the second legislation as the very first law of all science. Because this regulation, also identified as the regulation of heat demise of the universe, will at some point extinguish all daily life, any infinite fractal logic life science turns into inconceivable. Augustine’s classification of Hypatia’s existence sciences as the work of the satan can now be viewed to severely pollute present day science, to which Buckminster Fuller was extremely anxious. In the wake of NASA’s Fractal Logic publication, it appears to be fair to be in a position to justify the error in the preferred evaluation of Augustine’s philosophy in the 20th century.

The Encyclopedia Britannica lists Augustine’s suggestions as a melting pot, which absolutely merged the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy with the faith of the New Testament, influencing equally Catholic and Protestant beliefs right now. Fuller’s arithmetic of synergistic lifetime sorts, derived from Plato’s psycho-optics, is now the foundation for a new healthcare chemistry produced by 3 1996 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry. If Hypatia’s arithmetic is joined to Plato’s fractal lifetime science logic, then Western scientific society looks to be in a point out of mental confusion. In his ebook “Over and above Socrates”, FM Cornford, the well known philosopher of Greek thought at Cambridge College. Ranking Plato as a person of the best fathers of the Christian church is simply an unattainable notion if Plato’s work is to be regarded as the work of the satan.

The second legislation of thermodynamics entirely governs every facet of mainstream Western technologies society. Even though mainstream science commonly accepts that the elementary residence of fractal logic is that it extends to infinity, this point can not be comprehended in Einstein’s 20th-century worldview, in which all lifetime was condemned to extinction by warmth demise. Now we can see the importance of Fuller’s title Utopia or Oblivion.

The reserve echoes the thrust of molecular biologist CP Snow’s famous 1959 Rede Lecture, who warned that civilization as we know it ought to be wrecked until fashionable science is reunited with the spirit of classical Greek lifestyle science. The misplaced optical key of the Parthenon can be found as a fairly considerable discovery.

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Pope

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