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Retransforming the Education System

There is a set of moral values ​​and traditional beliefs passed from one generation to the next. However, these values ​​and beliefs are now far removed from the latest trends in the education system. We all now think that change is inevitable. Based on this theory, education systems also need to undergo dramatic changes to cope with rapidly changing times. In order to use the new method, the old standards of reading, writing and learning must be abandoned. The world today is a global village, and today’s education system revolves around this idea.

Topics, whether related to academic topics or social issues, are discussed at the international level rather than at the national or regional level. Schools today do not teach patriotism. No one wants to confine a child’s mind to the borders of a country. Teachers today teach the lesson of unity in diversity. Instead of teaching “God bless America,” the teachers emphasized “We are the world.” Even courses with hints of racism or traditionalism have been removed from textbooks. Textbooks have courses that are compatible with the world. Social issues are also related to global warming and other environmental issues.

The question that arises is, is this all for good? Are we sure that this transformation of the education system will not produce the wrong results? It’s time for those of us to put on our thinking hats and take hold of the situation. There is a politically correct angle to everything that is going on. The next generation is getting dumber. We send our kids to school to make them dumber. Young people today have the lowest moral values.

It is difficult for children to respect their elders, and it cannot be blamed on children. They are not taught that respect for the elders is important.

Today’s children are more impatient and lack common sense. The only good thing they see all over the world is their video game console. They can play freely anytime, anywhere. Interest in learning is also diminishing, as many governments around the world have banned the concept of giving children under a certain age failing grades. This is done to improve the education system, but ironically, the education level is lower than before because children are no longer serious about their studies.

Providing children with a modern education is a good thing, but this modern education must be accompanied by old morals, values ​​and beliefs in order to achieve overall improvement in society. The perfect fusion of old and new concepts will not only create excellent professionals, but also excellent people.

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