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Schizophrenic Most cancers of the Mind As a Mathematical Virus

Getting into the 21st century, the thought of ​​peace reveals that the United Nations principle of conflict resolution cannot reduce the horrific atrocities of the very last century from repeating themselves on helpless citizens. A significant quantity of family members dying of hunger ended up besieged, unable to feed them because of to the tribal passions of war, reflecting the brutal survival of the fittest mentality that prevailed through the Holocaust. Accepting this for a lengthy time produces a typical sensation that phasing out the strategy of overpopulation is an unavoidable unlucky scientific simple fact of daily life. Except this scientific concept of death is legitimately contested and can be revealed to be dependent on illogical mathematical sciences, UN conflict resolution is unlikely to be sustainable. The ensuing entire-science answers of quantum biology for planet peace can come to be seen.

Some folks come to feel the will need to deliberately speed up chaos by putting math viruses into computer systems. The prevailing science is pressured to do the exact point, but on a a great deal greater scale. Modern-day science is ruled by the entropic belief that the final purpose of a finite universe is the extinction of all daily life. This mentality is deeply ingrained psychologically. Most eminent researchers with entropy consciousness will immediately display screen an emotional assault on scientific problems.

Present day science has mistakenly thought that Isaac Newton’s worldview explained the universe as a gigantic finite clockwork equipment. This imaginary omnipotent machine, powered by cosmic heat, will have to sooner or later stop operating when all its warmth is lost to chilly house, major to the extinction of all life. This legislation, acknowledged as the next legislation of thermodynamics, is the regulation that applies to all warmth engines. Einstein termed it the very first law of all science, and it turned the foundation of 20th century quantum mechanics. Humans, nonetheless, are not steam engines since they exhibit electrical power entangled with mechanical vitality to evolve consciousness. Szent-Gyorgyi, the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medication, wrote that the failure to realize this has to do with a psychiatric cancer belonging to scientists he called “mad apes.”

Charles Darwin’s concept of survival of the fittest was based mostly on the legislation of the steam engine, a concept derived from the financial theory of Thomas Malthus, director of the East India Company. Given the character of world-wide flows, the resulting global financial rationalism now prints massive amounts of imaginary dollars. This idea of creativity, related with the emotional cult of the logic of the intercontinental stock marketplace, could confirm to be a compulsive schizophrenic phenomenon, consistent with the enduring imaginary concept of Sir Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation.

A incredibly apparent and pretty significant challenge has arisen. Isaac Newton certainly did not consider the universe was finite. His infinite universe was based mostly on historic Greek mathematical logic, which we now connect with infinite fractal logic, which he made use of to explain gravity as a non-mechanical drive evolving psychological consciousness. This was created crystal clear in his 28th query discussion. Even if Newton was erroneous, Western science, politics, and financial tradition had been developed on a worldview that held that the opposite was correct, constituting a fundamentally imagined scientific earth. In preferred science, the concept that gravity is accountable for the evolution of emotions is unthinkable. On the other hand, the present day science of science has produced on a fictional scientific assumption that keeps making apocalyptic weapons of war.

Researchers even viewed as balancing the robust psychological hostility of their science, purchasing into an try to prevent the Australian Centre for Science and Arts from getting federal government-authorised study position in 1975. The Centre’s Mathematical Lower Energy Concept, in 1999, was reproduced by the world’s largest specialized institute as one particular of the excellent optical mathematical discoveries of the century. The Australian university’s arguments were being so vitriolic and ignorant that they experienced to be overturned by Commonwealth Science Minister Simon Crean on grounds of incompetence. Even immediately after Harvard stated in 2002 why English-speaking experts could not see the center’s findings, the hostility ongoing unabated.

Features of schizophrenia are quantum biology of the 21st century, utilizing nanotechnology to display that psychological molecules without a doubt make use of infinite fractal logic in order to evolve as Newton predicted. Contemporary science that forbids this simple fact has been systematically programmed to live in an unreal world the place all life need to go extinct. This cancer-leading to mathematical obsession with destructive thermodynamic power that dominated quantum mechanics in the 20th century is now a severe psychological health trouble.

Making an attempt to focus on scientifically the plan of ​​a math virus in the brain stopping human thoughts from achieving infinity has prolonged been out of the concern. Georg Cantor, 1845-1918, the most well known mathematician in history, and the most criticized mathematician in background. He was condemned for insisting that a “limited-sighted dread of infinity” impressed by mathematics had entered the scientific brain. As extensive as existence processes can not be joined to infinite fractal logic, the United Nations continues to be unable to manage biologically plausible conflict resolution discussions. Cantor’s math virus can be shown to be a fatal most cancers of schizophrenia, in accordance to 21st century quantum biology applying nanotechnology to unlock the strategies of how emotional molecules get the job done.

In the 21st century, Shannon entropy information most cancers exploration energy has been proved to coexist with entropy strength, belonging to the law of entropy heat dying. In quantum biology, these two energies are entangled to present info to tutorial evolutionary purposes. This dilemma justifies a vital dialogue outside of the constrained logic of mainstream imaginary scientific logic calling for human extinction. If this problem is not corrected, carbon life forms will die out lengthy right before the imagined common heat dying event. Cantor’s most cancers math virus is now moving into a far worse condition of malign existence than the primary 21st century atomic warfare represented.

World wide economic rationalism is actively marketing the acceleration of disequilibrium entropy nanotechnology exploration and enhancement. Stealth atomic weapons that permit nanorobots to abide by their most important command to exterminate daily life sorts are now feasible. British Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees has warned that a 21st century civilization has a 50% prospect of staying ruined within times by mutated self-replicating nanobots that devour the biosphere. These nanorobots do not mutate, but can only evolve in accordance to the most cancers-triggering, principal instruction logic we application in artificial intelligence. Molecules of emotion do not obey the universal regulation of heat demise. In an try to intuitively exploit infinite fractal logic, ignoring the prevailing science of entropy, the trauma of regular brain conflict in the brain is carcinogenic. This is the essence of Cantor’s mathematical virus parasitizing the human brain.

Mathematical imagining in ancient civilizations is associated to what Einstein named mythical mathematical instinct. Published in 1957 by the New York University Science Library, Babylonian Mythology and Contemporary Science, in which Einstein derived his concept of relativity from Babylonian mechanical arithmetic. This yields the belligerent equation E=Mc squared. In this scenario, the fantasy is affiliated with the worship of Ishtar, the goddess of prostitution and war. In ancient Egypt, however, the arithmetic that belonged to the goddess of mercy, justice, and mercy, Maat, was not based mostly on a mechanical literal check out, but a watch that prevented civilization from returning to the situation represented by E=Mc squared.

The historical Egyptians incorporated their mathematical considering into the political laws that Pythagoras went to study in Egypt. This know-how contributed to the creation of political science by way of the Platonic custom that formulated Greek philosophy in the 3rd century BC. The rebirth of the mathematical sciences in quantum biology is now identified internationally as the 21st century renaissance.

© Professor Robert Pope.

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