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Sexuality, Entropic Warfare and Unbalanced 20th Century Science

In 1957, the New York University Library of Scientific Considered printed a guide termed “Idea of the Universe: From Babylonian Mythology to Contemporary Science.” This e-book describes how non-technological writings on cosmology have been linked to mythological arithmetic and political energy in excess of thousands of several years. Priests who use cosmic math to compute solar eclipses could have political clout. Greek students constructed political constructions based on how the ancient gods dealt with humans at Mount Olympus, when Babylonian kings devised historic kinds of federal government conquest procedures dependent on the council of the god Marduk.

The New York Library of Science book mentions how, in the 20th century, mathematician Albert Einstein expanded on the mathematical myth of Babylon when he derived his 1917 theory of relativity and his observers included in creationism. Independent of the philosophical worldview of this e book, we can know for guaranteed that Lord Bertrand Russell experienced a quite profound impact on the mythological mathematics of Babylon. He utilised this to market a cult of what Einstein described as “the first regulation of all science.” Russell’s most well-known essay, titled “The Cult of Freeman,” is about how we ought to are living in despair mainly because of any substance in our loftiest hopes for the foreseeable future. In accordance to Russell and Einstein, this is due to the fact according to the universal legislation of chaotic strength, these higher aspirations will ultimately be absolutely destroyed in a thermodynamically wrecked universe.

This particular posting refers to the arithmetic of ancient Egyptian mythology linked to the worship of the ancient Egyptian goddess Matt. This goddess is there to prevent the universe from returning to a condition of chaos, a science that totally defies Einstein’s worldview. Although Einstein was suitable about the physical performing of the universe, he refuted the energy linked with the evolution of feelings. Nanotechnology offers photographic evidence that, in emotional molecules, Einstein’s quantum-mechanical chaotic electricity is really entangled with the energy of quantum biology, suggesting that his fantastic genius was out of equilibrium by disregarding the existence of biological info power. It really should be pointed out that the logic of the intricate dynamic electrical power system of nanotechnology and the arithmetic of lifetime in Egypt both of those extend the fractal logic to infinity, somewhat than the inescapable event of extinction insisted by Einstein’s world watch. This extra inspiring electrical power scene is appropriate with the workings of Einstein’s close colleague David Bohm’s infinite holographic universe.

Amy Edmondson, a Novartis professor at Harvard, wrote in her biography of engineer Buckminster Fuller that Fuller derived his well balanced synergistic universe from the arithmetic of philosopher Plato, who It was even further formulated from the ancient Egyptian principle that was subordinate to the cult of Matt. Plato warned that developing cosmology by assuming that the eye is dependable for artistic knowledge would only direct to the emergence of a destructive evil of unformed issue inside atoms. Einstein’s E=Mc squared is the basic mathematical equation for thermonuclear destruction, and Einstein’s insistence that the eye is the critical to innovative participation in the universe is equivalent to the worship of the ancient Egyptian and Greek gods of chaos. The spiritual spirit of the Church is dependent on Platonic enjoy. But the church could not recognize Plato’s mathematical atomistic interpretation of it. St. Augustine dismissed the Platonic atomic math of enjoy as the work of the devil simply because he wrongly believed it belonged to the cult of Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of prostitution and war.

Right after two hundred a long time of the Platonic custom of Greek philosophy incorporating ethics into Anaxagoras’ concept of development, its mathematical structure was altered into a fractal dynamical expression that merged the features of Plato’s soul atoms affiliated with infinity. This is an act of observer engagement that Einstein could not comprehend due to the fact he thought that, like Leonardo da Vinci, Rene Descartes and Sir Francis Bacon ahead of him, all knowledge have to be From visual perception, these kinds of as wanting down at a highly effective microscope to notice subatomic particles.

The Church has this sort of sexually oriented confusion about the position of platonic love in sexuality that in buy to derive technological know-how belonging to resourceful assumed to substitute Einstein’s journey to extinction, we require to produce a A acknowledged health-related science of human existence. This may possibly be deemed unachievable when we take into account the bewildering war of angels and demons similar to the extensive quarrel involving the Church and the Templar cult of Jesus Christ . Buckminster Fuller predicts options by hinting at foreseeable future supercomputers to offer responses. This is comparable to the thought of producing a supercomputer that can win a chess match against a fantastic chess winner, or even a additional complex match versus the supercomputer Watson, profitable Jeopardy. Buckminster’s printed video game idea of the entire world aims to resolve troubles that cannot be solved by any sort of authorities. In Fuller’s have phrases “make the earth 100% human, in the shortest sum of time, by way of spontaneous cooperation, devoid of ecocrime or anyone’s drawback” (Fuller has received many awards, which includes the Presidential Medal of Liberty February 23, 1983, by President Ronald Reagan).

At present, in Australia, parliament is transferring to create a royal fee to offer with child molestation inside of the Christian Church. The Church is responsible for Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished treatise, which was discovered in the past century and categorized as Newton’s heretical treatise. It contained Newton’s perception that there was a deeper normal philosophy to stability the mechanical description of the universe, with the exact fundamental physical principles as the misplaced universally liked Greek atomic science beforehand taught by scientist Giordano Bruno at Oxford College. The church tortured him and then burned him alive. The church would seem to have some deep-rooted sexual challenges that hinder the improvement of tremendous-technologies for human existence and favor the preservation of the extinct spirit of present day faith polluting science.

In the 20th century, Lord Bertrand Russell was the main advocate of totally free sexuality in Britain, which he joined to the metaphysical spirit of the mathematics of Babylonian mythology. As talked about in the Old Testament, he, alongside with Albert Einstein, insisted on applying only the mathematical logic utilized to the building of atomic make a difference after mild was created. On the other hand, Plato’s axiom “all the things is geometry” was used prior to the generation of mild, the mathematics of human existence designed by Buckminster Fuller.

Atum, the Egyptian god of development in historic mythology, masturbated into the cosmic egg, declaring “enable there be mild,” when Anaxagoras’ more complex creation principle was about injecting sperm into the cosmic egg The universal impulses in the primordial particles in the area designed the environment in relation to the rotational forces acting on them. This description of gravity proceeds to give the established earth a spin to transfer the expertise of creation to Plato’s soul atoms. Pythagoras launched light-weight into the description of guy becoming established in the image of the generation of the universe, a strategy that led to the excellent discoverers of the electricity of electromagnetic fact in the 18th and 19th generations, to research for God’s electromagnetic ethics to understand the earth on earth eternal peace. Currently, it is known that the electromagnetic motor that drives the sperm’s tail towards the egg has been deformed into the centriole by the female’s magnetic area. This, in turn, motivates the initial bone to acquire in the embryo, the sphenoid bone, to transmit the divine concept of creation to the electromagnetic function that produces consciousness, fairly than Einstein’s observer-engaged eye. Considering the fact that the eye isn’t going to even exist at the instant of conception, there is no all-natural continuum that belongs to Einstein’s worldview, in which the eye is liable for the evolving universe.

The bizarre idea of a public ritual in which the pharaoh was questioned to masturbate on the Nile in honor of the creator god Atum will no doubt a single working day be stated in the subatomic physics of the brain that belongs to the healthcare supercomputers envisioned by Fuller. On the other hand, St. Augustine’s translation of the Platonic evil of unformed issue in atoms into the evil of feminine sexuality would also be a far far more bizarre and terrifying outcome. This terrifying spirit was the basis of St. Thomas Aquinas’ worldview and turned the sensible basis for 3 hundred many years of abusive perverted rituals of ritual torture and the burning of countless ladies and young children as witches. The current societal aversion to any community screen of primitive masturbation rituals has develop into a trivial challenge in comparison to the serious nightmare of ritualized sexual perversion.

Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein, focused experts with a definitely artistic bent, may well their do the job be formed by an obsession past the 20th century’s uneven knowledge of the 2nd regulation of thermodynamics. Immortal and revered. May possibly this gentle spirit of arithmetic about the fantasy of the universe extend to the Prophet Muhammad’s ability to explain the functioning of the universe in conditions a short while ago learned by the Hubble Telescope. May perhaps the corrections built by Al Haitham to Plato’s optics of religious engineering in the golden age of Islamic science be shared yet again in the discussion among Christians, Jews and Muslims, as they had been at the translation school in Toledo, Spain for 200 decades. May well The supercomputer envisioned by Buckminister Fuller could be constructed to assure a 21st century renaissance to steer clear of a 3rd planet war in the identify of platonic adore. The same desire to advance Plato’s theology to atomic technologies was Marcilio Ficino’s message in guidance of the so-referred to as 15th century Renaissance.

© Professor Robert Pope,
Advisor to the President of Oceania and Oceania, Einstein-Galileo Institute for Theoretical Physics and Advanced Arithmetic (IFM)

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