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Technology Education – When Classroom Technology Needs Troubleshooting & You’re Stressed Out!

One of the most common complaints from teachers working on incorporating technology into their classrooms is that they find themselves troubleshooting technology rather than coaching.

If I don’t admit and agree with you that there are some technical problems with using technology, I’ll report from some foreign country. Add the child’s variable to that equation!

The first step in dealing with this problem is to accept it so that it doesn’t cause you any anxiety or stress when it happens.

One way to combat some stress is to always encourage students to save more often for the “when” the computer fails rather than the “if” it will happen.

I also have a bunch of comments for question time:


“Man, I hate this happening!”

“Why don’t you try another computer?”

“Of course I hope you’ve been saved recently.”

“I bet you will save next time!”

Another way to deal with technical issues is to have your students become experts. Speak up and explain what you’re doing when you’re solving a problem with your students. Then when the problem recurs, send that kid to help the other. Remember that today’s students always make technology and technical issues a part of their lives, they are very understanding and patient…more than we did in adulthood!

By using both strategies, you may find yourself less stressed as you admit that technology issues are just a fact of life when you use multiple computers with a class of kids.

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