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The Church’s Extinction Science

A lot of loving and caring individuals in the Church of Christ have devoted their lives to creating scientific health care know-how for the benefit of humanity. On the other hand, most Christians are unaware that President Thomas Jefferson wrote that Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher of the atomic “science of cosmic really like” in the 3rd century BC, training at Ho Kepos College in historic Athens. That science is about the invisible planet of atoms, where sacred geometry has an evolving moral function in an infinite spiritual fact. The instructors of that science, recognised as messiahs, labored to create ideals of religious virtue, in particular compassion. From this point of view, the phrase “with self esteem, everything will be revealed” is about formulating mental (and now holographic) equations and resolving for an unfamiliar, a worth in algebra, referred to as X.

No matter whether Jefferson was suitable or not is irrelevant. From this specific scientific place of watch, the ancient “science of cosmic adore” can be regarded a Christian heritage, linking arithmetic to science with infinite moral reasons, praising a creator-god-like pressure belonging to gravity.

The Roman Christian Church burned the scientist Giodano Bruno alive in 1600 for educating the “science of universal enjoy” in England, which nonetheless has been observed to be compatible with 21st century quantum biology . The workings of psychological molecules evolve empathy by utilizing infinite fractal logic to make its growth in the workings of the evolving mind/head. Because of the Church’s past concern and hatred of the science, infinite fractal logic is forbidden to be part of the existence system. Consequently, the quantum mechanics of the 20th century, in accordance to the legal guidelines of universal entropy logic, declared all daily life extinct. In historic Greece, this actions of the church would be observed as worshipping the (entropic) god of chaos, the devil Diapolis.

Quantum mechanics only follows the legislation of warmth dying of the universe, forbidding reasoning belongs to the existence procedure of getting infinite fractal logic. These concepts utilized to belong to the realm of non secular sacred geometry in the evolution of the immortal soul. Nanotechnology utilised to look at how psychological molecules get the job done reveals that intuitive infinite fractal logic is element of an evolutionary method. This system exists in the long run condition of holographic fact. Extreme carcinogenic trauma is caused by inhibiting this natural operate in purchase to keep the current entropic servitude that belongs to worldwide financial rationalism, a conception of entropy tolerated by the church.

If the infinite fractal logic is linked to any organic healthy evolutionary system, mainstream science will not tolerate a one mathematical professional medical equation. Rushkov’s ebook, The Shock Now, announces the arrival of Toffler’s Future Shock, which stems from our enslavement to a hyper-industrialized culture. This new reserve is about the trauma we’ve been inundated with entropic details that is now rapidly destroying our civilization.

The reader can conveniently obtain that, in the title of Christianity, Sir Isaac Newton’s Results in of Gravity is categorised as a get the job done of criminal minds. This is these kinds of a severe dilemma that the reader must acquire the time to test it out on the internet and then question why he or she was taught that Newton’s worldview was about the workings of the mechanical universe. By looking through Newton’s dialogue of the 28th query, they will discover the precise opposite. Men and women have been adversely impacted by the church for generations. The absurd fantasy of an apple falling on Newton’s head to reveal gravity, typical among schoolchildren all over the industrialized earth, led to what Newton named a ridiculously pretentious science.

Quantum biology shows that blindly accepting the fact that human beings are doomed to extinction is unnatural, and one will have to succumb to scientific ignorance of church dogma to stay clear of it. Human beings are a carbon everyday living sort, the unfavorable entropic qualities of carbon have been learned this century. The church has a extended background of legal activity, which includes a few hundred many years of condoning abuse of gals and young children, then burning them alive as witches. This act of terrorism will make any health-related analyze of the therapeutic homes of vegetation, fungi and numerous animal substances a prohibited and risky job.

The Australian government is at present conducting a royal fee into widespread sexual abuse of little ones by the church and the findings have been disastrous. Thinking about the historic proof that is now freely accessible, speaking about the penalties of the shed atomic “science of cosmic like” with the Christian church could be regarded a squander of time. Thomas Jefferson and Sir Isaac Newton ended up common with this science for the reason that it was a deeper aspect of early Christian teaching.

Humanity stands on the threshold of a third world war because of to the contamination of science by Christianity, and science alone are not able to tolerate any solution of salvation. How a lot of individuals can even picture that the act of compassion can be calculated inside of the realm of quantum biology? For those who understand this, what scholarships are offered to them to appear up with critical scientific methods? Harvard College recognized in 2002 the great importance of the moral contribution of the Danish golden age of science to the planet. That Golden Age encompassed how electromagnetism was incorporated into the historical Greek “science of cosmic enjoy.”

© Professor Robert Pope.

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