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The Infinity Difficulty

There are numerous scientific ideas that are pretty much incomprehensible, and we have lots of, numerous problems. There are actual physical concepts like quantum mechanics extra/concealed dimensions and relativity biological ideas like mind/mind duality, absolutely free will, self-identity, and the nature of consciousness mathematical concepts with detrimental sq. roots and metaphysical/philosophical challenges , this sort of as why is there some thing and not something, or what is the character of truth?

But 1 of the math/physics/theological/philosophical puzzles is the idea of infinity or infinity. This is the focus of this spherical of discussions.

All infinity are equal, but some infinity are bigger than others.

fundamental definition

*None: Not defined below as the total absence of all mass and drive particles (i.e. electrons, photons, and so forth.). absolutely nothing.

*Infinite: Infinite signifies that no make any difference how far (time or space) you go, you can often go more. That is infinity.

primary premises

*Absolutely nothing can create itself.

*From very little to absolutely nothing.

*Something comes only if it will come from something.

*You won’t be able to develop one thing out of nothing.

* No house/time boundaries or partitions.

*If N, then N+1.

infinity and math

*Speaking of pure arithmetic, we know that there are an infinite amount of negative quantities an infinite amount of constructive quantities an infinite variety of even figures an infinite variety of odd figures an infinite variety of values ​​between any two consecutive integers (eg, among 10 and 11). We know infinity in mathematics, for instance, Pi has an infinite variety of digits following the decimal level. We know that an infinite number of traces can be drawn involving any two places.

But all of these are pure abstractions with very little to no relationship to real existence and simple difficulties and similar functions.

infinity and physics

*Time and area: The simple premise here is that no matter how much you go, the two in time and room, you can go farther. In other text, if N, then N+1.

* Make a difference and Strength: The essential rule listed here is the 1st law of thermodynamics. Make a difference/energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The clear implication is, therefore subject/power exists infinitely.

*Infinity can be unbounded or bounded. Infinite is infinite, like two parallel traces extending infinitely with out ever assembly. Infinity can be bounded. For example, the Earth is finite, but you can travel close to it innumerable times in time and house.

* Even some experts who must know better will recklessly drop the term “infinite” or “infinite” when stating or citing “infinite density” or “infinite temperature”. Which is just nonsense.

infinity and theology

*A single or far more gods either exist or do not exist.

*If 1 or far more gods do exist, then they are possibly eternal or created by a earlier god or gods.

*If one or extra gods are everlasting, everlasting, at any time-current – this is equal to infinity.

*If a person or more gods have been designed, that would automatically guide to infinite regress.

*So no make any difference how you slice and dice, there is an infinite theology to offer with, particularly when quite a few theologies promise everlasting existence in the afterlife.

*Even so, an everlasting afterlife existence would be a hell of eternal boredom. Unlike Vulcan’s occasion philosophy of owning infinite range in infinite mixtures (IDIC), in observe only finite diversity is achievable in finite mixtures. So, in the infinite/everlasting afterlife, you conclusion up repeating endlessly what you have finished endlessly right before. dull.

infinity and philosophy

*Even boasting that God (as a representative of selected gods and supernatural issues) can not arrive at the “present” from his infinite earlier to do the “current” that God needs to do. Nonsense!

*So, the philosophical/metaphilosophical concern is, if there is an infinite previous, can you get to the existing? It really is all too uncomplicated.

*Timeline: There is an infinite amount of occasions on an infinite timeline, each and every of which is finite (ie – just like your situations). This is a handy analogy. Let us assign a exceptional quantity to each and every one of a kind and limited event. How a lot of exceptional numbers can be assigned? Well, we know from above that there is an infinite number of exclusive quantities offered and it will choose infinite time (infinite timeline) to estimate these infinite range of one of a kind quantities.

* No issue wherever you are on the infinite variety line, you can progress, this kind of as counting ahead from 100 (exactly where you are) to 150 (where you want to be “now”), or counting backward from 150 to 100.

*You can get to any distinct party on an infinite timeline just like you can arrive at any specific exceptional variety on an infinite range line.No make a difference exactly where you are on the infinite timeline, you can development to the “now” by heading from Saturday to Sunday January to February 2001 to 2002, and so on.

*Other than that, you will not actually have to make progress to get to the “now”, no issue when you are in the current or “now”.

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