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The Mathematical Colours of Human Survival Technology

The Romantic era of art from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century was inspired by a lost ideal of ancient ethical science. Its leaders feared that humanity had strayed from being ruled by a dead machine culture. The philosopher of science Wolfgang von Goethe believed that Isaac Newton betrayed the science of color by reducing everything to black and white mechanical reality. Goethe’s theory of color perception in language resurfaced in 2012 as the book of the year, “Through the Glass of Language,” by linguist and physicist Guy Deutscher. However, few people know that, in fact, Isaac Newton actually refuted the idea that the theory of cosmology is complete, and that he, like the Romantics, derived it from the equally lost science of ethics.

The work of other poets and artists of the Romantic era attacked Newton because their science, derived from clockwork descriptions of the mechanical universe, is now linked to important DNA discoveries that have become critical to human existence. In 2017, the Russian World Art Foundation took on the task of reviving the scientific and artistic spirit of the old Romantic era, a remarkable achievement.

Newton’s mathematical genius supported a deeper description of the universe than a lifeless mechanical universe. Science, economics, and religion all endorse the mechanical model, which underlies false quantum mechanics, by teaching Newton’s worldview to be mechanical. Political and business sciences, as well as religious beliefs, control our unbalanced modern science. Along with scientists, religious institutions deny that life processes evolve to infinity, evoking religious laws to enforce their opinions. It is not until the age of knowledge about living human DNA that the lost ancient science of ethics comes into its own. Quantum mechanics can now be done by studying the entanglement of quantum mechanics and quantum biology.

Arthur C Clark’s TV documentary “Infinite Colors” is about Benoit Mandelbrot’s discovery of the mathematics of infinite fractals. The documentary commented that the evolution of civilization is not included in the purpose of the infinite universe. The reason for this is because popular science is governed by the “heat death law of the universe,” which states that all the heat of the universe will radiate into cold space, and eventually all life in the universe must go extinct.

The most famous mathematician in history, George Cantor, is also the most despised mathematician in history for daring to challenge the global cult of scientific death. He declares that the fear of infinite dysfunction has infected the minds of modern scientists, which has sparked an international scientific and religious frenzy. World-renowned mathematicians vehemently disagreed with this claim, and they joined forces to vehemently denounce his notion that the process of life force might evolve toward infinity. Influential religious leaders were outraged that Cantor’s mathematical beliefs overturned their stubborn insistence that only the Supreme God could allow any path to infinity. Religious leaders, different gods, are willing to fight to the death like soldiers, bravely taking on the sacred responsibility of protecting themselves from participating in the global cult of death.

NASA’s High Energy Program has published a paper by Petar Grujic, scientific advisor at Belgrade’s Institute of Physics, showing that ancient Greek mathematics encompassed aspects of infinite fractal logic. From the chaos of old mathematical thought emerged the ethical atomic political science to guide democratic ideals, vaguely referring to the evolution of infinite moral intelligence. The proposed science aims to guide a noble form of government so that civilization can be part of the universal goal of morality. Such science is considered necessary to avoid the extinction of the enormous fossil remains of previous life forms that did not survive the arms race of their teeth and claws. In Plato’s Republic, the ancient theory of the atom has advanced to the point where Platonists define “evil” as a destructive property within atoms that may appear to destroy civilization. Thus, the lost pagan atomic political science deserves our immediate attention. We need to balance the destructive aspects of atomic math sentiment with what the ancient Greeks called the virtuous math sentiment.

The Greek mathematics that governs the evolution of ethical atoms puts forward the idea that the 28-day cycle of the moon’s motion affects the development of the female reproductive cycle. It believes that the harmonic vibrations emanating from the moon resonate with the atoms of the mother’s spirit to explain her moral love and compassion for her child. Ancient Indian Mathematical Logic was not so vague about the notion of a living infinite mathematical reality. Sanskrit mathematics, developed before the advent of Greek political atomic science, hinted at a future technology that could be derived from infinite mathematics. However, the prevailing thermodynamic heat-death culture today has prevented adequate research into the development of this technique.

The harmonious Greek mathematical process belongs to the “celestial music” that scientist Johannes Kepler used to make his famous astrological discoveries. There have been enough scientific discoveries since then that the thermodynamic heat death cult message that governs every aspect of our road to ensuring extinction is a complete nonsense. In the 1980s, Australian researchers proved this to be an absurd situation.

In 1979, China’s most awarded physicist, Huang Kun, provided Australian science and arts researchers with a way to measure the vitality that controls shell growth and development. They proved that our extinction law is, as the mathematician Cantor put it, a neurological glitch in the way of thinking in science.

Shell life forms have existed for 50 million years and have not gone extinct. In Australia, the infinite mathematics of ancient Greece was programmed into computers to generate simulations of shell evolution over 50 million years. The computer simulations perfectly matched the mathematical language written in the shell fossil record. The dysfunctional math that underpins our thermodynamic death culture can only produce distorted or carcinogenic future shell simulations. Therefore, the law of the evolution of healthy shells to infinity belongs to the mathematical information from the organisms inside the shells.

In 1990, the Washington-based IEEE, the world’s largest institute of technology, put this discovery together with names like Louis Pasteur and Francis Crick. However, when observed in the face of this simple fact, prominent scientists associated with the Australian government’s thermodynamic culture become extremely hostile.

The hostility to predictions of the social importance of seashell research began in 1979, when the Commonwealth Science Division on Australian national television documented the shell research background in its internationally screened series The Scientist – An Overview of Discoveries. In 1986, scientists and government art administrators joined forces to attack the validity of seashell discoveries published in the 1980s by Il Nuovo Cimento, Italy’s leading scientific journal. Later in 2009, they abruptly stopped their continued disparagement of the study of the art of science, as it was awarded a Gold Medal by the London Academy of Sciences.

Molecular biologist Sir CP Snow’s 1959 Rede Lectures at the University of Cambridge’s Theory of the Art of Science has one thing in common with a “Letter to Science” written by Nobel laureate cancer researcher Szent Gyorgyi in 1974. They all agree that the existing outdated culture of thermodynamic science belongs to the primitive way of thinking of our Neolithic ancestors.

The extreme difference between moral and amoral mathematical emotional language is now very apparent. Poker machine math, with its vibrations of sound and color, can generate a strong emotional rush into a state of financial and moral bankruptcy. The chaebol governments (governments of the rich) are constantly waging unethical poker machine wars against each other. They exploit this deceptive phenomenon of mathematical art, forming alliances to maintain global power to radically protect the people they represent (the “mad ape” tribe of Szent-Gyorgi).

The ensuing disregard for the damage done to the victims of bankruptcy they keep creating just echoes the harsh reality of the seemingly naturally occurring law of survival of the fittest. However, it is important to point out that, for ancient Greek science, poker machine thinking was correctly predicted to be based on false emotional hallucinations.

In 2010, a collaboration with Quantum Art International was important to combine controversial Australian research with quantum biological cancer research. It has led to the discovery of an antidote to the global epidemic of dysfunctional illusory scientific information spread by the mass production of communication and information devices.

The primary evidence for the technical potential of the antidote contains an important visual piece of evidence. Unlike poker machines, which are designed to use color vibrations to control the mind, the antidote reverses the process that causes the mind to control the colors in a painting. The electromagnetic emotional field that causes this phenomenon can now be visualized.

In 2016, they presented the antidote theory and related works in the Russian International Contemporary Art Competition hosted by the World Art Foundation, and won the first prize. In 2017, the President of the World Art Foundation appointed the founder of Quantum Art International to assist in the establishment of scientific art research projects to improve the global human condition.

The aforementioned “evil” in the Platonic Atomic Politics can now be seen as a form of neurocancer that threatens global civilization. It can be inferred that the antidote is best introduced by a powerful military complex that employs so-called soft military diplomacy, that is, sharing mutually beneficial information technology with other countries. From a DNA standpoint, humans can be considered to belong to a race, and this kind of diplomacy can overcome fanatical violent religious beliefs. From a DNA standpoint, humans attacking humans is clearly a non-productive cancer of the nervous system. By simply programming the entanglement of dysfunctional worldviews with antidote information, survival blueprint simulations can be generated for humans rather than shell lifeforms.

In conclusion, Sir Isaac Newton certainly did not believe that a mechanical description of the universe was complete. In his 28th issue of Query Discussions, he issued a statement at the risk of being burned alive by the Church: Those who believe that gravity is caused by the mass of objects in space are pretentious and illogical. He actually said that the more authoritative scientific understanding of the matter comes from ancient Greek science. The discoveries of the great scholars of the Golden Age of Romantic art also derived their ethics from equally lost ancient science.

Australian science and arts writer/artist Chris Degenhardt dramatized all of the above social implications in his 2002 book Democracy at Trial – Sentences. From the point of view of DNA discoveries since then, he published an article involving new evidence that Sir Isaac Newton was immune to Wolfgang von Goethe’s allegations that Newton undermined the science of emotional color perception. In 2017, a re-release of the above-mentioned book was co-published with Amazon Books under the auspices of Feedaread Publishing.

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