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Tyrannosaurus Rexina and the Ethics of Inventive Physics

Apparently, the fossil history tells us that the woman T. rex was substantially more substantial than the male and that he experienced to wander quite diligently in the course of the mating year. The woman appears to be to require to eat a lot more calcium to create strong eggs, which also triggers her impressive weapons to mature much larger. The simple style method for this killer dinosaur compensated tiny focus to the evolution of its tiny arms, but the wishbone construction of its chest indicates that some sort of grand evolutionary plan is slowly and gradually shifting to the creation of long run chicken lifestyle.

Human evolution has a seemingly inexorable blueprint that sales opportunities it toward the worship of a loving and benevolent moral God. Even so, the instinct to do so in the long run does occur in a mentality where by violent minions prevail. There are atomic weapons signposts on the present route to a loving and caring evolutionary way, indicating our need to share our future with the dinosaurs. To avoid extinction, we can revisit the original dinosaur blueprint guidelines more carefully to have an understanding of how to scientifically enhance our future appropriately. The Moral Goal Science of Greek philosophy in the historic Platonic tradition delivers us with mathematics to do just that.

The Greek philosophers Thales and Pythagoras traveled to Egypt to learn mathematical political ethics from the teachings of the occult college, Mart, a mystical goddess of mercy, compassion and justice who stopped the universe Back to chaos. In the 5th century BC, Greek philosophers analyzed the use of sacred geometry in the 2nd Kingdom of Egypt to integrate mercy, compassion, and justice into political regulation. The Platonic custom of Greek philosophy knew that incredibly outdated monsters had been extinct and set up a mathematical science in the 3rd century BC to manual the aristocracy so that human civilization would not also go extinct.

Engineer Buckminster Fuller derived his synergistic worldview from mathematics, which contradicted Einstein’s worldview, which required the full extinction of all life in the universe. Fuller’s guide, titled Utopia or Oblivion, is based mostly on Plato’s non secular (holographic) sacred geometry mathematics.

In the 5th century BC, the thinker of science Anaxagoras made his idea of creation, noticing that evolution on Earth lacked an ethical and moral objective. He thinks that an smart creator, working with a rotating (gravitational) force to act on primordial particles in place, developed the worlds of our universe, spinning them to evolve the mind. Then this God remaining our region of the universe in purchase to build additional universes elsewhere. A few universities in the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy established out to include ethics into Anaxagoras’ realistic scientific design and to use the benevolence, compassion, and justice of Egyptian mathematics to build the moral science of Western atomism. Hawke’s College phone calls it the science of cosmic adore, and its lecturers are referred to as messiahs, subsequent Egyptian mathematical ethics to protect against the universe from reverting to a state of chaos centered on enjoy and goodwill in family members lifetime.

Pythagoras introduced the harmonic properties of light into the evolution of the principle of moral consciousness. In the 18th and 19th hundreds of years, many thinker-researchers who discovered the energy power of electromagnetic fields understood that the sphere tunes of historic Pythagoras was describing the existence of common electromagnetic forces that would create empathy. By working with nanotechnology in the 21st century to examine the perform of the emotion molecule found out by Dr. Candace Pert in 1972, the evolution of the endocrine fluid in relation to the operate of this molecule proves that Buckminster Fuller’s moral arithmetic is in truth the foundation of continual development The physics of creativeness is programmed so that humans could pick out not to go extinct. As Charles Darwin wrote in his The Increase of Person, compassion is so obvious inside individuals that it need to have some inherent evolutionary intent.

When Her Majesty Queen Resina dominated the world, her demise introduced the implies to study this much larger mathematical purpose. The wishbone in that ferocious human body isn’t really the only clue, it’s telling us that evolutionary information is there from the remains of her remaining. We can now evaluate a further element of the historical behemoth with severe mathematical precision in order to mathematically go over a lot more moral evolutionary uses connected to the barbaric existence of prehistoric reality. This mathematical truth connects the system of existence to a greater truth than was imagined by Einstein’s worldview in the 20th century.

Dinosaur fatty acids died alongside with sure minerals and turned into a material that started to form crystals when exposed to cosmic radiation, like Jasper. This sophisticated process data mineral expansion in pure fractal patterns. The geometric attributes of geometric fractals belong to both of those non-dwelling procedures and residing procedures. Contemporary science acknowledges that while fractal logic can be extended to infinity, Einstein’s worldview prohibits the linking of daily life processes to this infinite fractal logic because it believes that eventually all lifestyle have to be destroyed. On February 18, 2011, Cornell University Libraries introduced a big discovery by two Chinese scientists, Rolev and Lu Jun. They employed arithmetic to explain why the protein dance of lifetime in DNA (dubbed the subatomic jitterbug by Buckminster Fuller) contradicted Einstein’s worldview, the universal regulation of warmth dying. Fuller the right way predicted the existence of a next life electrical power technique, entangled with Einstein’s genius description of a solitary cosmic strength program governed only by chaos.

When the historic Greeks included ethics into the intuitive development myth of Anaxagoras, God experienced left, leaving human cost-free will to discover its divine function, they remodeled its mathematical framework into a dynamic mathematics Logic, by extension to infinity, is a reality opposite to our current prevailing beliefs. This moral actions of consciousness can be thought of as referring to elements of the Copenhagen-defined quantum mechanics pointed out in Vedic mathematics. The historic Egyptians integrated these kinds of mathematics into a political build, and the ancient Greeks utilized it to generate science for ethical needs so that humanity could steer clear of extinction. Opposite to this evolutionary acutely aware mathematical conduct, we know that our existing knowing of arithmetic will only speed up international chaos. Three Nobel Prizes in 1994 for Mathematical Economic Logic contributed to the existing global economic collapse. We have plenty of mathematical facts to construct a fullerene utopia.

An on the web compilation of the 2000 U.S. Senate Ecosystem and Community Performs Committee Briefing Papers, “Out-of-the-Box Technologies, Their Significant Position in Environmental Trends, and the Needless Strength Disaster.” 1 of the points manufactured is that, in addition to the accelerating chaos of Einstein’s worldview, new systems should be made making use of new mathematics to substitute America’s reliance on the fossil gas economic climate. An precise prediction was built in 2000 that 8 many years afterwards the collapse of the US financial procedure would start out to cause a world-wide economic disaster.

underneath these problems. The document argues that below these types of financial tension, other international locations will test to acquire or ally with countries possessing weapons of mass destruction to stay clear of the collapse of their respective regimes. In this scenario, as soon as one particular is made use of, or it is considered that the menace will use them, then the current defense plan will arrive into outcome, hence making sure the close of civilization. This is also Buckminster Fuller’s mathematical oblivion of condition entropy, derived from the Greek definition of evil, the assets of unformed subject inside atoms.

In their on the net paper titled “Mathematics and Peace: Our Duty,” authors Ubiratan D’Ambrosio and São Paulo articulate social peace, environmental peace by linking arithmetic to the function of human behavior and a pertinent world wide mathematical definition and military peace responsibilities. ethics. The exact concept is the basis for the book ‘Renaissance in the 21st Century’, published jointly by the Australian Centre for Science and Arts and the University of Florence’s New Measurement of Humanity in Quantum Biology. In 2010, the two Italian administrators of this Neo-Renaissance job gained the Giorgio Napolitano Medal on behalf of the Italian Republic for their discoveries in quantum biology in the self-organizing perform of cosmic electrical power that underlies quantum biology.

Acting like a T-Rex although in heat may well encourage youthful men and women to understand how to carry out computer game titles of mass destruction, but that’s not the masculinity of the previous. Our academic method will have to promptly bridge the hole concerning modern day science and classical Greek humanistic ethics. As molecular biologist Sir CP Snow warned in his 1959 Rede lecture at Cambridge College, if we carry on to obsess in excess of the guidelines of chaos that Einstein thought to be the overarching law of all science, civilization will perish.

© Professor Robert Pope,

Advisor to the President of Oceania and Oceania, Einstein-Galileo Institute for Theoretical Physics and Innovative Mathematics (IFM)

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