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Why Do Smart People Have More Zinc and Copper in Their Hair?

People with high IQs are known to have high concentrations of zinc and copper in their hair. The question is why? Why do very smart or very smart people have more zinc and copper in their hair follicles? It has been said that smarter people retain more zinc and copper, which allows their brains to make connections faster, or allow electrical transmission of nerves, neurons, and brain waves.

Do smart people have different metabolisms, or do they eat more meat and certain vegetables and therefore have more emissions? Or process those things that are not conducive to cognition. One researcher thinks maybe their hair has more heavy metals in it and it acts like an antenna so they can pick up other brain waves better or attract more electromagnetic energy from the air so their minds work Higher or more rogue every time you use the wave?

Myself, well, I was also curious about all this and came up with this theory, partly taking into account information about zinc and copper:


If pilots, soldiers or racers add copper and zinc to their helmets, it will help them get smarter, or the heavy metals that come out of the body are easily excreted from the body, making the brain work better . If so, can you increase cognition if you reduce zinc and copper in your blood through filtration? Is some blood type, which filter is better to cause this? So certain blood types are responsible for improving intelligence, not necessarily zinc or copper itself? Think about it in 2006.

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