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Wildlife Courses

If you’re a nature lover and the idea of ​​being with nature excites you, a wildlife and forestry career is exactly what your doctor prescribes.

It is a bit of an offbeat career but still an exciting one and it is gaining popularity in India as the government is heavily promoting this profession as there is a shortage of qualified professionals in the field and conservation of forests is an absolute necessity . Avoid natural disasters such as floods, droughts and famines and maintain a proper ecological balance.

training course

Aspiring forestry and wildlife enthusiasts looking to develop a career in this field can choose from two options currently available – a bachelor’s degree in wildlife and forestry, followed by a master’s degree in the same discipline. Some select institutions in India offer these courses.


As the foundation course offered is a bachelor’s degree, aspiring candidates must pass Level 12 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Agriculture to gain the minimum entry qualification for this course.


There are ample job opportunities for candidates who successfully graduate after completing this program. The Indian Forest Service is one such option. Qualified candidates can be employed as foresters, arborists, entomologists, behaviorists and forestry officers. Timber and timber manufacturing companies also employ qualified persons as consultants. Apart from ample job opportunities in India, these professionals are also in great demand abroad, especially in countries such as Vietnam, South Africa, Kenya, etc.

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