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Your Guide to a Wildlife Jungle Safari in Nepal

Nepal’s amazing ecosystem is home to some of the most unique and rare natural species. The Terai region of Nepal is the country’s warm subtropical zone and is home to royal Bengal tigers, rhinos, leopards, wild elephants, sloth bears, monkeys, crocodiles and many species of deer, in addition to some 250 species of migratory and native exotic birds .

Terai region is home to two major national parks, Royal Chitwan and Badia in Nepal. Both of the above-mentioned safari parks were established as part of the Government of Nepal’s Green Ecological Conservation Policy to protect animals belonging to the endangered species category and protect the habitats they belong to. National parks are the most popular places in Asia and give a complete jungle experience.

Tours offered by most government-authorized tour operators include bush activities and accommodation facilities as well as transportation to and from the park.

Chitwan National Park
Chitwan National Park has six major jungle resorts spread across its vast range. These quiet resorts are the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Drai Safari experience.

From nature walks to bird watching and more, there are many bush activities that people can do, and this is one of the many ways to integrate into the wild nature in the bush. The resort features self-contained cabin accommodations with bathtubs, or, for an “Indiana Jones” experience, a fully furnished glamping camp. Canoeing on the Laputi or Narayani rivers is an adventurous river trip to witness the many different birds of Chitwan. If you’re lucky, you can even get up close and personal with the shy freshwater Ganga dolphins that inhabit the river.

Badia National Park
Smaller than Chitwan, Badia National Park is also home to many exotic animals and birds, and it happens to be a peaceful but wild setting in the Terai region.

Badia is also more remote and secluded compared to Chitwan, which explains why this jungle has a little less tourists than Chitwan, and therefore it has fewer resorts. All resorts are located in the outer areas of the park, the jungle offers many nature walks and you can even take a jeep safari or take the park’s famous “elephant ride” to observe the animals.

The jungle is home to many endangered species, including tigers, wild elephants, rhinos, swamp deer, blackbuck, man-eating crocodiles and swamp crocodiles. Finally, here’s a piece of advice – it’s better to fly to Barida than take a long 15-hour trip to Barida.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary
The park became a wildlife sanctuary in 1976, known as the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Sanctuary, a 175-square-kilometer wildlife sanctuary with several hectares of wetlands. Located in Eastern Nepal, its entry point is from the Mahindra Expressway.

The reserve is home to wild species such as water buffalo (known as arna), deer, nilgai, robbery crocodiles, Ganges dolphins (also known as Ganges dolphins) and more than 280 species of birds. In addition to wildlife species, the park also provides environmental safety for a major part of the Sapta Koshi area, which happens to be a branch of the Ganges floodplain.

Sukrapanta Wildlife Sanctuary
The Suklaphanta Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the extreme southwest end of the Terai River. It is spread over a forest cover of 305 square kilometers. It is located at an altitude of 90-270 m.

Green vegetation covers 70% of the forest and the rest is grassland. In this total grassland, the Sukrapanta area is the largest grassland in Nepal, covering an area of ​​54 square kilometers. Many mammal species have been investigated, such as Schaaf & Bell, which is also a well-known habitat for swamp deer. The reserve is a breeding ground for countless Bengal Floridians and Spanish hares in Nepal.

So the above forest destination is the definition of “Wild Nepal” and you can hire an expert guide who can tell you many things about the wildlife and vegetation that are endemic to the Terai region of Nepal.

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